Water is one natural resource we all share – it shapes our lives, our communities, our ecosystems and the Earth’s climate. But managing this essential resource has never been more complicated. From climate change to emerging contaminants, our clients are facing unprecedented challenges as they work to provide critical water services and protect their communities and the environment.

At Jacobs, our planners, engineers and scientists work with our clients every day to solve their water challenges with customized, innovative solutions and new ways of thinking. We recognize that water challenges are complex and interconnected, and that the old ways of managing the water cycle in silos cannot keep pace with the issues we all face. Our approach is through a OneWater lens – viewing all water as resource and developing integrated, holistic solutions that provide comprehensive benefits.

Our OneWater approach is supported by our industry-leading capabilities across the entire water cycle and project lifecycle – from planning and consulting to design-build and operations. Our complete technical expertise includes drinking water & reuse, wastewater, water conveyance & storage, water resources and digital solutions.

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“With a OneWater approach we view all water as a valuable resource, not as stormwater, wastewater or drinking water, but as one water resource that we use, reuse and manage holistically. From water reuse in California to overflow control in London to total water management in Singapore, with a OneWater mindset, our teams are working to protect communities, industries and regions and provide them with the water resources they need to flourish and expand.”

Susan Moisio

Susan Moisio

Jacobs Vice President, Global Water Market Director


OneWater is an integrated and collaborative approach to understanding and solving complex water challenges — not only those that we face today, but also those we will face tomorrow. We look beyond traditional labels – drinking water, seawater, wastewater, stormwater – to view all water as a valuable and interconnected resource. We take a holistic view of the water cycle to break down water management silos and facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders, enabling complex regional and watershed solutions like water reuse and integrated catchment management.

Our OneWater approach is guided by three principles:

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    All water has value

    We look at the water cycle holistically to discover what makes each watershed, each community and each water-related challenge unique.

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    Water challenges are interconnected

    We recognize water’s connections to land, food and energy to solve complex water management and community challenges, not only those we face today, but also those we will face tomorrow.

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    Water solutions must be sustainable, inclusive and equitable

    We focus on inclusive planning, considering the needs of all those who influence or are influenced by water, and prioritizing solutions that benefit people, the environment and the economy.

How do OneWater approaches benefit your community?

  • Maximizing investments by implementing solutions that address multiple interconnected challenges and provide meaningful co-benefits.
  • Engaging the full range of community stakeholders, including customers, businesses and public officials, to find opportunities for successful partnerships and promote local workforce development and social equity.
  • Identifying future actions and investments focused on climate adaptation and resilience, including tackling water scarcity and urban flooding with integrated water management practices.
  • Incorporating Jacobs’ domain-driven innovation and technology, including Digital OneWater — our ecosystem of integrated data-enabled solutions.
  • Recognizing the circularity of local economies and repurposing traditional waste as a valued resource (such as using biosolids to produce energy, using reclaimed water to augment potable water supplies, or integrating stormwater in functional landscapes.)
  • Consolidating plans, policies and ordinances that benefit multiple utility services while supporting economic growth and redevelopment.

“At Jacobs, we recognize water’s role in the natural cycles of our planet; its connections to land, food, and energy; and perhaps most importantly, its influence on our cities, our societies, and our cultures. We use this perspective to help our clients implement integrated solutions to solve the most pressing water management challenges.”

Joseph Danyluk

Joseph Danyluk

Jacobs OneWater Director

Our solutions

Our OneWater approach is supported by our industry-leading capabilities across the entire water cycle and project lifecycle – from planning and consulting to design-build and operations across the following solution areas:

  • Solutions_DrinkingWater&Reuse

    Drinking Water & Reuse

    Whether it’s designing an advanced water treatment facility or implementing an innovative potable water reuse program or a brackish or seawater desalination plant, we’re not just treating water, we’re giving communities, industries and regions the resource they need to flourish and expand.

  • Solutions_WaterConveyance

    Water Conveyance & Storage

    From the conveyance and storage of treated and raw water to the collection of wastewater, reclaimed water and stormwater, Jacobs provides a variety of urban conveyance and storage solutions for projects of all sizes, incorporating sustainability and adapting to changing environmental conditions in every project.

  • Solutions_Wastewater

    Water Resource Recovery

    While we didn’t invent today’s modern sewerage systems, we understand that all water – even wastewater – is a precious resource and not something we should simply dispose of; and therefore, we take the total water cycle into consideration when engineering solutions and developing cutting-edge technologies to collect, reclaim and reuse wastewater.

  • Solutions_Resources

    Water Resources

    As our world struggles with balancing water availability and demands, water pollution, competition for limited water resources and vulnerability to natural hazards, Jacobs works with clients around the globe to better manage our world’s water resources and make our water systems more resilient to climate change – because we believe it’s important that communities have safe, reliable water infrastructure now and in the future.

Our projects

Jacobs delivers tailored solutions worldwide. Our global portfolio of projects has supported clients with addressing dynamic issues like aging infrastructure, impacts from climate change, water scarcity, flooding and affordability. The solutions we develop in collaboration with our clients provide communities with the foundations they need to flourish and grow.

Digital OneWater

Tools that transform big data into actionable information. 

  • AquaDNA
    Aqua DNA

    Aqua DNA, an intelligent digital solution that collects live data and improves wastewater network performance using smart sensors and AI-powered predictive analytics to reduce risk and make a positive societal and environmental impact. 

  • Replica logo

    Replica is Jacobs' digital twin solution software platform, delivering intelligent solutions for our customers around the world for more than 20 years.

  • Dragonfly symbol

    Dragonfly efficiently provides the accurate data and AI-driven recommendations your team needs to optimize decision-making and refine your system management and intervention strategies.

  • Abstract symbol - blue square with white wave across the square
    Flood Modeller

    Flood Modeller is an industry-leading flood modeling software which enables engineers and scientists to deliver faster and more accurate results by simplifying the modelling of river, surface water, and urban drainage systems, and removes the need to use other software.

  • Jacobs
    Intelligent O&M

    Intelligent O&M is a powerful blending of Jacobs’ water subject matter expertise in operations, design and data science, with Palantir’s Foundry platform and user interface, to provide direct and predictive guidance to frontline operation and management (O&M) staff.   

  • Argon

    Argon is an asset management tool for linear sewer and storm water assets that helps utilities manage field data and determine next steps. Argon has been refined with engineering logic and AI to provide accurate condition scores, risk scores, recommended next steps and costs.


Jacobs is at the forefront of the water sector’s digital transformation. Learn how we’re supporting our clients with integrated data solutions across the entire water cycle.    

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