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Ethics & Conduct

We do things right.

We always act with integrity – taking responsibility for our work, caring for our people and staying focused on safety and sustainability. We make investments in our clients, our people and our communities, so we can grow together

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Our Ethics and Code of Conduct are rooted in our values and provide the standards and support to help us successfully navigate issues, make the right decisions and conduct our business with the integrity that reflects our heritage and ethical reputation. We uphold Jacobs’ global Supplier Code of Conduct, and we are developing our sustainability partnership dialogue with 15 global suppliers.

The Jacobs Code of Conduct provides a consistent, company-wide statement of our business practices and workplace conduct, and establishes the expectations, obligations and responsibilities of our employees to abide by these business practices in all situations and circumstances, regardless of local culture or business climate and regardless of the competitive environment in which we may find ourselves. The Code of Conduct applies to every employee, director and officer of the Company, anywhere in the world. This also includes majority-owned subsidiaries and subsidiaries over which Jacobs has managerial control. Parts of the Code of Conduct may also apply to agents, consultants, business partners, suppliers and subcontractors.

Jacobs maintains supplemental codes of conduct for our Board of Directors; our CEO and senior financial officers; and for our suppliers and other business partners.

The Jacobs Integrity Hotline is available to employees and others who wish to report non-compliance or suspected violations of law and policy, or to seek guidance on specific situations regarding company policy. The Integrity Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports may be made anonymously at or at telephone number +1.844.543.8351. Jacobs strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against individuals who make a report in good faith out of genuine concern.

Whistleblower Protections

The Integrity Hotline is managed at the corporate level. Concerns about specific types of suspected legal breaches in certain European Union countries (e.g. Poland) may also be reported at a local level. Reporting at a local level is not obligatory, and reports may be made via the Jacobs Integrity Hotline or other corporate level reporting channels if preferred. Local level reports will be received by authorized members of the company. Unless agreed otherwise, local reports will be handled in a manner consistent with the local level whistleblower protection policy.  Please see the following policy(ies) for more information on what types of concerns can be reported at a local level in what European Union countries:

Human Rights

We respect the human rights and dignity of people in our operations, supply chain and the communities where we work. Our approach is guided by international principles including the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Review our Human Rights Policy and Modern Slavery Act Statement to learn more.

BeyondExcellence at Jacobs


BeyondExcellenceSM is Jacobs' approach to quality and commitment to flawless execution. With a core set of processes in place, it gives us a framework to deliver value on every project – no matter where we work in the world.

We are in constant pursuit of excellence. Our BeyondExcellence Global Quality Approach aims to provide the leadership, processes and tools to drive performance excellence and continual improvements across the business. 

With goals around creating and maintaining a strategic foundation, providing robust governance and global integration, building world-class talent, maximizing performance through innovative processes and technology and establishing and tracking relevant and actionable performance indicators, our BeyondExcellence approach sets the foundation for us to become a company like no other. 

“BeyondExcellence represents our shared drive to dream big while keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground. We are a company in constant pursuit of excellence maximizing performance through innovative processes and technology.”

Joe Olivarez

Joe Olivarez

Jacobs Vice President, Operational Center of Excellence

BeyondExcellence Awards

As people are at the heart of our business, each year we honor those going above and beyond every day, aligning with our values: We do things right. We challenge the accepted. We aim higher. We live inclusion. 

Our BeyondExcellence Awards celebrate those who raise the bar and deliver the extraordinary with excellence. Leaders who care, collaborate and push beyond, solving for today and creating a brighter future. This year, we recognized 26 teams and individuals who went above and beyond in safety and security, quality, ethics, sales, inclusion, innovation and integrated solutions delivery. To build on the positive impact our people make every day, each winner chose a non-profit organization to receive a donation in their name. Together, we donated more than $100,000 to worthy causes around the world.