Intelligent O&M

Predictive O&M tools for water and wastewater frontline staff

Intelligent O&M

Introducing Intelligent O&M, a Digital OneWater solution which provides a powerful blending of Jacobs’ water subject matter expertise in operations, design and data science, with Palantir’s Foundry platform and user interface, to provide direct and predictive guidance to frontline O&M staff.

Across industries — from manufacturing to mining to water treatment — plant operations are largely reactive. In these cases, management is only alerted to issues when equipment malfunctions or reviews reveal underperformance. This creates dependencies on lagging performance indicators and a broader focus on troubleshooting, rather than proactive modeling and operations. Decision-makers need real-time visibility into plant operations with leading performance indicators that can help them optimize performance before it is too late.

When site staff operators in the field are bombarded with noisy Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and information overload, it’s incredibly difficult to distil actionable insights, forcing operators to rely on gut-based, qualitative decision-making. Operators need innovative digital tools that make their lives simpler, not more complex. They need IT that’s customized to their day-to-day workflow and actually works in the field.

With the Palantir Foundry platform and Jacobs’ smart algorithms and wastewater process optimization tools such as Replica™, plant management and site staff are armed with the practical data science tools needed to conduct proactive, data-driven operations, maximizing performance and cost savings plant-wide.

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Intelligent O&M

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Key benefits

  • Moves your organization from reactive to proactive O&M

    Predictive tools and algorithms that capture best practices empower your field staff to act ahead of the need.

  • Tremendous efficiency and cost savings

    Real world proofs at multiple sites demonstrate savings of 10-30% on power, chemicals and maintenance management.

  • Broad acceptance by O&M staff

    Technology adoption can be challenging, but the user interface makes it simple. This is NOT another dashboard at a computer screen, but a direct recommendation to field staff to their smart phones or tablets providing actionable insights and specific instructions throughout their shift.

  • Cyber secure

    Data ingestion, monitoring and user interfaces are all secured through Palantir’s industry-leading United States Department of Defense Level 6 security features and connector protocols, and “air gapped” at the user level.

Key features

  • Integrates any data source (Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), SCADA, financial, Excel, field instruments, etc.)
  • Leverages data science, mechanistic models, and procedural best practices for accurate predictions
  • Pushes simple, actionable recommendations to targeted field staff where they work
  • Used across a wide range of use cases including: Power, Chemicals, Maintence Planning and Scheduling, Labor, Sustainability, Cybersecurity, Regulatory Compliance
  • Rapid deployment involving weeks, not months
  • Flexible commercial terms

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