AI-powered condition assessment and guidance to cost-effectively manage collection system infrastructure, built jointly by a Jacobs and Hitachi partnership.


Dragonfly is a Digital OneWater solution that efficiently provides the accurate data and AI-driven recommendations your team needs to optimize decision-making and refine your system management and intervention strategies.


Introduction to Dragonfly

The challenge

Managing aging infrastructure requires ever-increasing time and financial resources to stay ahead of failures. While today’s processes are well established, they tend to be reactive, manually intensive, and prone to errors, which results in inconsistent data. It is no wonder utilities rank data quality as one of their top challenges in analyzing how, when and where to invest their improvement dollars.

Our solution

Dragonfly is a cloud-based product for sewer infrastructure condition assessment. Built by wastewater industry experts and data scientists, Dragonfly brings the latest in machine learning and AI technology to the utilities industry.

Dragonfly technology allows you to review your inspection video while it analyzes and provides prescriptive guidance on how best to maintain your buried assets. This transformative solution is built jointly by a Jacobs and Hitachi partnership leveraging powerful AI algorithms and expertise in conjunction with deep industry knowledge. Dragonfly enables you to address issues before they become problems, and provides integrated asset management support, generating optimized re-inspection and maintenance schedules as well as prioritized rehabilitation lists. Dragonfly is vendor-neutral and compliments your existing CCTV management tools and investments.

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How Dragonfly helps

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About Dragonfly

Dragonfly by Jacobs factsheet

Dragonfly efficiently provides the accurate data and AI-driven recommendations your team needs to optimize decision-making and refine your system management and intervention strategies.

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Key benefits

  • Accurate
    • Consistent and objective data
    • AI reduces the variability of manual detection
    • Rigorous, human-augmented QA/QC procedures
    • Trained on over 10 million feet of sewer video footage
    • Validated by Jacobs sewer inspection experts
  • Recommendations powered by Argon
    • Support proactive intervention
    • Target problematic defect combinations with AI
    • Create reinspection and maintenance plans and schedules
    • Create rehabilitation plans
    • Develop cost estimates for high-level budgeting
  • Efficient
    • Automatically identify standard sewer defect codes
    • Track and analyze defect locations and severity
    • Detect faster than the human eye
    • Process more backlog CCTV footage
    • Rapidly identify issues
  • Trusted, comprehensive support
    • Jacobs provides a complete range of professional services to help our clients build thriving cities, create resilient environments and realize operational advancements.
    • Dragonfly is an integrated offering built on the foundation of Jacobs’ global water and digital expertise.


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Dragonfly is a 100% web-based application. Users access the solution from a browser to view the dashboard and upload/download files through a secure transfer interface.


Once uploaded, Dragonfly’s AI “eye” automatically identifies sewer pipeline defects, their locations, and severity. The results then undergo a thorough quality assurance protocol where they are reviewed by NASSCO PACP-certified technicians for accuracy and completeness. Data can be exported from the web interface and the final NASSCO Standard Exchange PACP Database imported into client GIS, CMMS or CCTV data organization tools.


Dragonfly turns data into recommendations by using Jacobs' asset management model, Argon (formerly known as SCREAM), to apply advanced analytics and powerful AI-driven forecasts to the PACP results. Argon forecasts how frequently different types, quantities, and combinations of defects lead to failure and suggests cost effective remedial solutions. The robust asset management engine can identify priority pipes, schedule re-inspection, identify needed maintenance and offer estimates for rehabilitation, repair and replacement.

Learn more about Argon here.

external View an example of Dragonfly's AI "eye"

Case studies

Explore case studies of where Dragonfly is making an impact with our clients. More coming soon!

West Boise Sewer District's Journey with Dragonfly

West Boise Sewer District’s Journey with DragonflySM

Similarly, to most sewer utilities, West Boise Sewer District (WBSD) faces challenges to improve their sewer inspection operations in terms of accuracy and efficiency. With limited resources and aggressive schedules, WBSD embarked on a journey to test artificial intelligence (AI) technology as a way to more efficiently process copious amounts of sewer inspection data collected annually.

external Download case study (PDF, 460 KB)


Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our clients and partners have to say about Dragonfly.

“Dragonfly’s CCTV Inspection System has been a game-changer for us! It saves time, frees up staff and its accuracy is unmatched. The Argon dashboard impresses, helping us prioritize maintenance and plan for the future. We highly recommend Dragonfly to any organization seeking efficient and precise sewer inspection solutions.”

                                           - West Boise Sewer District

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