Leak Detection Technology Reduces Non-revenue Water Losses and Improves Network Health

Water utilities worldwide are on a mission to combat non-revenue water, which causes soaring costs, service disruptions, unhappy customers and wastes our most precious resource. In Australia and New Zealand, most utilities are exploring the game-changing potential of digital metering (DM). While DM brings efficiency gains and customer engagement, it falls short in identifying physical network leaks. Enter Sotto® (Sotto): the groundbreaking leak detection sensor created and proven by South East Water (SEW) in Melbourne.

By integrating Sotto into DM deployment at a marginal cost, SEW achieved early leak detection, thereby reducing water loss. SEW conducted a successful trial using 5,000 Sotto-enabled digital meters, leading to early leak detection with financial viability.

SEW engaged Jacobs to review their findings and model a 1:1 or 1:2 density of Sotto sensors to save water effectively. You can read more about the benefits of Sotto and Jacobs' analysis by checking out the case study below.

Enhanced identification and location of network leak detection identified by vibration sensors integrated into Digital Meters

Discover how South East Water effectively utilized Sotto® network leak detection sensors and Jacobs' analysis to create a sustainable future.

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