Suppliers and Partners

Jacobs banner handing on the front of the New York Stock Exchange

We collaborate with our subcontractors and suppliers to achieve innovative solutions in support of project delivery around the world. Jacobs' intent is to treat its suppliers as partners.

The key component to our success is our commitment to conducting business ethically, safely, and fairly — and we expect our business partners to do the same. Our supply base aspiration is geared toward building relationships with the best suppliers in areas of innovation, compliance, quality, capabilities, on-time delivery and sustainability. To accomplish this, we constantly monitor existing Jacobs suppliers and evaluate new potential suppliers.

Becoming a Jacobs supplier

  1. Registration in Ariba Discovery for prospective providers of goods or services to Jacobs — Ariba Discovery Network is Jacobs’ primary means for conducting supply chain discovery. If your company is interested in selling goods or services to Jacobs, please ensure your company is registered on the Ariba Network via Ariba Discovery. The more information you provide will help us better understand your services, capabilities and business status.
external Register your business on the Ariba Network
  1. Invitation by Jacobs — When sourcing opportunities arise, our buyers will search for suppliers that best correspond to Jacobs' requirements. Once you are chosen for a sourcing event or award, you will be invited to our pre-qualification process.
  2. Pre-qualification — Invited suppliers have received or will receive individual registration invitations by email. The pre-qualification process will require providing additional information to verify whether your company complies with Jacobs' standards.