Water Conveyance & Storage


Millions of miles of water, sewer and storm system pipes lie beneath our cities and streets. These pipe networks and conveyance systems are the support system for our way of life, transporting safe drinking water to customers and moving wastewater and stormwater to treatment facilities and discharge or reuse.

Addressing aging water infrastructure, meeting regulatory requirements and making these systems more sustainable and resilient is crucial to ensure communities have safe and reliable water, sewer and storm systems. Climate change and urbanization place continuing pressure on those systems to perform for future generations.

Leading major conveyance, storage and tunnel programs around the world, including the Doha South Sewage Infrastructure Programme; New Zealand’s largest-ever wastewater project, the Central Interceptor; and London’s Thames Tideway Tunnel, Jacobs continues to be recognized as a gamechanger in trenchless technology. We’re ranked as the No. 1 design firm in Water Transmission Lines and Sanitary & Storm Sewers by Engineering News Record.

From the conveyance and storage of treated and raw water to the collection of wastewater, reclaimed water and stormwater, Jacobs provides a variety of urban conveyance and storage solutions for projects of all sizes, incorporating sustainability and adapting to changing environmental conditions in every project.

Our projects

Jacobs delivers tailored solutions worldwide. Our global portfolio of projects has supported clients with addressing dynamic issues like aging infrastructure, impacts from climate change, water scarcity, flooding and affordability. The solutions we develop in collaboration with our clients provide communities with the foundations they need to flourish and grow.