Digital OneWater

As a leader in pioneering the water sector’s digital transformation, we’re supporting our clients with integrated data solutions across the entire water cycle.

Jacobs has been at the forefront of the global water sector’s digital transformation for over a decade. We pioneered the industry’s first digital twin of an entire wastewater treatment plant in Singapore. We harnessed smart sensors and AI to reduce sewer flooding for utilities in the U.S. and U.K. And, most recently, we formed a strategic partnership with Palantir to significantly reduce O&M costs at water and wastewater treatment plants.

Every day we’re using innovative digital technologies to improve how we plan, design, build, maintain and operate water and wastewater infrastructure. From improved flood prediction to reduced energy usage in facilities, we know better than anyone how data solutions are transforming the global water sector – and we’re bringing that deep domain expertise to our clients.

Digital OneWater

What’s next? Digital OneWater

Digital technologies are already disrupting how we manage the world’s water resources, but how do we make the most of these tools?

The answer is an integrated ecosystem of data-enabled solutions, which we call Digital OneWater. Our vision for water’s digital transformation is an extension of our OneWater approach. By taking a holistic view of our clients’ challenges across the entire water cycle, we can deploy integrated data solutions that provide comprehensive benefits. We recognize the importance of a complete system-wide digital approach that moves beyond optimizing assets and networks in isolation.

As water utilities respond to challenges on multiple fronts – climate change, tightening regulations, workforce shortages – adopting a Digital OneWater approach will be key. Here are the benefits:

  • Data-driven insights: With tools like Digital Twins and machine learning, we can better understand our clients’ water systems in their current condition – and predict how they’ll perform in future.
  • Enhance systems thinking: We’re not only focused on single assets. We can integrate data solutions across networks and catchments to better understand the entire water management system in real-time.
  • Reduce risk and improve performance: Complete system-wide, lifecycle insight allows our clients to make better-informed decisions, optimize long-term operations and protect public health. Digital OneWater enables the shift from reactive to proactive planning and operations.
  • Support operations staff: Data-enabled solutions help essential O&M staff perform their work more efficiently, from automated scheduling and operations to improved operator training and knowledge transfer.
  • Maximize digital benefits: Digital OneWater avoids the silos created by separate products and isolated datasets. We help our clients look for common benefits and outcomes that maximize return on investment, incorporate system-wide cybersecurity practices and fully leverage existing information systems.

We identify Digital OneWater solutions across four key pillars of a utility’s operations:

  • P1_ICON_WHT_CustomerInteraction
    Customer interaction

    Enhancing the customer experience, e.g. with improved billing and collection tools or automated customer alerts.

  • P2_ICON_WHT_RegulatoryCompliance
    Regulatory compliance

    Ensuring water quality and compliance, e.g. with real-time contaminant monitoring tools or advanced controls for sewer flooding.

  • P3_ICON_WHT_PlanningInvestment
    Planning & investment

    Implementing capital improvements that are resilient and cost-effective, e.g. with tools for demand forecasting, flood prediction, or process simulation.

  • P4_ICON_WHT_OperationalPerformance
    Operational performance

    Optimizing the operational lifecycle, e.g. with predictive maintenance, automated operations, or reduced chemical and energy use.

Why Jacobs?

At Jacobs, we serve as a trusted digital transformation partner for water sector clients. Our deep domain knowledge across the entire water cycle and asset lifecycle — from planning and design through to operations — means that we have a unique view on where digital solutions are best applied. We recognize that every client will adopt digital technologies at their own pace, and we’re there to support them at every step of their journey.

We’ve also placed data solutions at the heart of our business and Boldly Moving Forward strategy. We’ve formed a new business unit, Divergent Solutions, which serves as the core foundation for developing and delivering innovative, next-generation cloud, cyber, data and digital technologies. As a company, we’re already responding to the rapid digitalization of our industry – and we bring that experience to our clients so that they, too, stay ahead of the curve.

“Digital OneWater represents our commitment to support clients at every step of their digital journey. Jacobs has been a trusted end-to-end partner on major water infrastructure initiatives for decades and we’re offering that same level of confidence and deep domain expertise for water’s digital transformation.”

Dr. Jennifer Baldwin

Jennifer Baldwin

Jacobs Digital OneWater Strategic Growth Lead

Our projects

“All water has value and should be viewed holistically and not in silos from the labels we’ve given water, such as wastewater, stormwater, etc. We consider this whenever we interact with a client or develop a solution. Digital OneWater is a subset of Jacobs’ overall OneWater approach. It’s about adapting to new technology, harnessing new data techniques and recruiting new analysis methods to deliver the OneWater message. The combination of domain expertise and digital innovation we’ve gained through acquisition and organic growth at Jacobs provides us with a unique market perspective.”

Gregg Kennedy

Gregg Kennedy

Jacobs Vice President, Data Solutions Product Suite – Water Platform

Our Digital OneWater ecosystem

  • AquaDNA
    Aqua DNA

    Aqua DNA, an intelligent digital solution that collects live data and improves wastewater network performance using smart sensors and AI-powered predictive analytics to reduce risk and make a positive societal and environmental impact. 

  • Replica logo

    Replica is Jacobs' digital twin solution software platform, delivering intelligent solutions for our customers around the world for more than 20 years.

  • Dragonfly symbol

    Dragonfly efficiently provides the accurate data and AI-driven recommendations your team needs to optimize decision-making and refine your system management and intervention strategies.

  • Abstract symbol - blue square with white wave across the square
    Flood Modeller

    Flood Modeller is an industry-leading flood modeling software which enables engineers and scientists to deliver faster and more accurate results by simplifying the modelling of river, surface water, and urban drainage systems, and removes the need to use other software.

  • Jacobs
    Intelligent O&M

    Intelligent O&M is a powerful blending of Jacobs’ water subject matter expertise in operations, design and data science, with Palantir’s Foundry platform and user interface, to provide direct and predictive guidance to frontline operation and management (O&M) staff.   

  • Argon

    Argon is an asset management tool for linear sewer and storm water assets that helps utilities manage field data and determine next steps. Argon has been refined with engineering logic and AI to provide accurate condition scores, risk scores, recommended next steps and costs.

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