Thanks to industrialization and urbanization, the way we manage and even think about wastewater has evolved. While we didn’t invent today’s modern sewerage systems, we understand that water – even wastewater – is a precious resource and not something we should simply dispose of; and therefore, we take the total water cycle into consideration when engineering solutions and developing cutting-edge technologies to collect, reclaim and reuse wastewater.

What others might still consider waste, we see as a resource. In a capital-constrained and resource-constrained world, this is more important than ever. Utilities, industries and water-scarce regions that are implementing water reuse schemes and water systems capable of recovering energy, carbon and nutrients – like Australia’s Kooragang Island Water Scheme or Denmark’s Ejby Molle net-positive energy wastewater treatment plant – recognize the value of conserving water, optimizing their operations and reducing their energy and carbon footprint.

Since 2006, we’ve been ranked as the No.1 design firm by Engineering News Record in Sewer/Wastewater Treatment.

Our projects

Jacobs delivers tailored solutions worldwide. Our global portfolio of projects has supported clients with addressing dynamic issues like aging infrastructure, impacts from climate change, water scarcity, flooding and affordability. The solutions we develop in collaboration with our clients provide communities with the foundations they need to flourish and grow.