In the kNOW May 24, 2023

Closing the Loop: Biosolids Treatment for Maximum Resource Recovery and Carbon Neutrality

In the kNOW webinar by Jacobs

What are the latest advancements in biosolids treatment processes for maximum resource recovery and net zero emission?

In this “In the kNOW” webinar, we will discuss about market-driven biosolids management, technology trends and the role of biosolids treatment in the net zero water future. In this session, we will also explore the carbon footprint of biosolids management and strategies for reducing emissions, discuss the opportunity for biosolids to be a valuable source of nutrients and energy, and how these resources can be recovered and utilized sustainably.

Meet our facilitator

Colin Newbery - Jacobs Technical Director, Water, Asia

Colin Newbery Jacobs Technical Director, Water, Asia

Colin Newbery is Jacobs’ Technical Director, Water for Asia based in Singapore. In his role at Jacobs, he leads and manages the design of next-generation and major water treatment facilities for Singapore, contributing to the high esteem enjoyed as a country of water innovation and resilience. In the last decade, Colin has been supporting and collaborating with Singapore’s National Water Agency, Public Utilities Board (PUB) and the broader water industry to explore, develop and realize ground-breaking solutions that push the boundaries in resource recovery, decarbonization and digitalization.

Meet our presenters

Gokul Bharambe - Jacobs Technical Director, Biosolids and Resource Recovery, ANZ

Gokul Bharambe

Gokul is Jacobs’ Technical Director - Biosolids and Resource Recovery with 18 years of professional experience in wastewater treatment and chemical production industries. Gokul is passionate about waste to energy, digestion, co-digestion, THP, thermal processing, resource and energy recovery.

He is specialized in biosolids infrastructure planning, analysis, design and has completed high profile assignments across ANZ and Singapore. Gokul has worked in various facets of process engineering, starting from process planning, process development, conceptual studies, detailed design and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants and biosolids treatment facilities.

Peter Burrowes - Jacobs Process Engineer, Canada

Peter Burrowes

Peter Burrowes has 43 years of project management and engineering experience in wastewater and biosolids management. His expertise includes various processes such as digestion, dewatering, thermal drying, gasification, pyrolysis, and combustion, as well as energy recovery, odour and air pollution control, biogas management and solid waste management.

With his extensive experience in key positions across Canada, the United States, and internationally, he has successfully coordinated and supervised the planning, permitting, and design of numerous major installations worldwide.

Closing the Loop: Biosolids Treatment for Maximum Resource Recovery and Carbon Neutrality
In the kNOW Asia Webinar Closing the loop: Biosolids treatment for maximum resource recovery and carbon neutrality

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