Aqua DNA

Transforming wastewater networks for a sustainable future


Aqua DNA is an intelligent Digital OneWater solution that collects live data and improves wastewater network performance using smart sensors and AI-powered predictive analytics to reduce risk and make a positive societal and environmental impact. 

Aqua DNA seamlessly captures thousands of data points every second and analyzes them in real-time. Consistent, timely data enables Aqua DNA to recognize operational patterns and asset performance in the network, identifying conditions that lead to incidents earlier than ever before.

By introducing this innovative technology into the wastewater network, utility providers can understand how their systems perform in real-time, alerting operators to emerging incidents and avoiding damaging spills, floods, blockages and discharges, which are harmful to their customers and our environment.

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Key benefits

  • Reduced risk

    Aqua DNA lowers the risk of community and environmental damage and increases safety and trust levels by empowering users to evade costly blockages, floods and spills and dangerous repair work.

  • Flexible service

    Aqua DNA offers tiered levels of service, providing network insights to utility providers, centralizing data and pooling knowledge for a common purpose, extending the life of our wastewater networks.

  • Integrated, predictive insights

    Aqua DNA connects operation assets and systems and supports utility providers in their transition from reactive to proactive ways of working.

  • Improved efficiency

    Aqua DNA can help utilities lower emissions and improve their efficiencies, bringing them much closer to their net zero and carbon reduction targets.

  • Near-instant impact

    Aqua DNA provides proactive insights from data-collecting sensors installed on existing assets.

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Aqua DNA software

Key features

  • Agnostic platform that can work with the client’s existing sensors, data, and systems, and can accommodate third-party data
  • Modular system for client customization 
  • AI-powered predictive analytics  
  • Location app manages the design, validation, survey, install, and snagging of any sensor on the wastewater network 
  • Combines hydraulic modeling and historical incident data to target hot spots 
  • Iterative long-term application 

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Learn about Aqua DNA’s technology and proven results.

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Protecting our communities

  • 14 %

    reduction in external flooding

  • 20 %

    reduction in sewer flooding

  • 20 %

    reduction in pollution events

  • 13 %

    reduction in blockages

“Working with Jacobs, we are the first in the world to be implementing this technology at this scale and with artificial intelligence being applied for full network system learning. We believe the work we’re doing is truly transformational and will deliver a step change in wastewater performance. We’ve achieved a significant improvement in performance. We’ve already detected and resolved over 1,600 operational issues and we’re on track to roll out the remainder of the 20,000 sensors and enhance telemetry at over 3,000 sites by Autumn 2022.”

Steve Mogford

Chief Executive Officer at United Utilities

Coming soon

Aqua DNA is continuously developing additional features.

Pump station enhanced analytics

  • Key mechanical and electrical asset predictive

    Early identification of failure conditions for key assets and trigger pre-emptive component/work type specific intervention alerts

  • Cyclic well cleaning

    Identify current and forecast siltation levels in pump station wet wells to produce an optimized cleaning plan that balances risk and cost

Dynamic data-driven sewer rehab

  • Sewer interventions

    Identify locations and types of sewer rehabilitation work, automatically generated from sewer AI visualization analytics and optimize investment regimes

  • Sewer work package

    Automatically generate optimized contractor work packages for a range of investment and intervention regimes

Automated AI spill control

  • Available volume

    Identify available volume envelopes for each sewer location and generate volumes at key points in real-time and forecast ahead

  • Key asset optimized

    Optimize sewer performance in terms of spills, flooding, quality impact, flow calming and wastewater treatment works loading with predictive control envelopes

  • Receiving waters quality

    Understand quality of flows through the network and in the receiving watercourse to determine likely impact if/when spills occur 

Sewer cleaning

  • Cyclic sewer cleaning

    Have a data driven approach to cyclic cleaning and serviceability programs on the sewer network

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