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What if we could provide solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of workers, increase the productivity of our design teams while adding value to our clients through reduced costs over the lifecycle of a project?

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HSE has always been at the heart of our business. Our passion for safety and our courage to care for one another and the environment inspires mutual respect. As a solutions focused business we go beyond simply following HSE legislation, procedures and processes, applying the fundamentals of BeyondZero® to our engineering and design outputs to raise the bar of health, safety and sustainability.

de5ign is our framework for HSE in Design which takes us beyond base legislative requirements and provides a consistent approach to safety in design across our global business. BeyondZero® by definition, de5ign aims to go beyond the accepted to create high value, safer and healthier solutions for a more connected sustainable world.

The framework is scaleable in application from small streetscape design to advanced research and development and technology industry facilities providing support to our  designers through a developing HSE in Design toolset and integrated HSE in Design professionals to support our designers to maximise HSE benefits throughout the whole lifecycle of the project.

Using de5ign, we will provide solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of workers and increase the productivity of our design teams, while adding value to our clients through reduced costs over the lifecycle of a project.

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Improves protection

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de5ign protects Jacobs and our designers through avoidance of design-related accidents and incidents.


Provides predictability

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de5ign provides predictable outcomes in cost, quality and program through avoidance of re-work, additional design work and safety issues during construction.


Increases satisfaction

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de5ign increases client satisfaction through value solutions which reduce capital and operational costs while protecting the health and wellbeing of workers. 

Introduction to de5ign




The greatest opportunity to reduce or eliminate risk to the health and safety of the worker and end user lies with the designer. 

De5ign supports our design professionals by providing a HSE in Design toolset and integrated HSE in Design training. The framework is scaleable in application, ranging from small streetscape design to advanced research and development and technology industry facilities.

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de5ign in action: A case study

In the U.K., we've been working with Highways England on the M6 Junctions 16-19 Smart Motorway project. 

Find out how the team challenged the norm and found an alternative method that not only saved money for the client, but also had additional benefits like reducing the need to work near overhead power cables and eliminating confined space entry and lifting operations.

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HSE in design podcast


How can designers help and hinder constructors? Watch the podcast recording to find out. Featuring:

Yvonne Lynam - HSE Director, Advanced Facilities, Jacobs

Stephen Anderson -  Process Division Director, Jones Group

Jason Casey -  Deputy MD, Ardmac

How are we doing things differently?


Track Record is our web-based compliance management platform, enabling you to deliver digital solutions for the built environment and to manage risk throughout the asset life cycle. Track Record Safety provides a scalable, collaborative single source of truth for your dynamic health and safety data.​

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TrackRecord Safety is the most comprehensive approach to CDM (design) hazard management that I've ever seen. It's really impressive to see. I'm very glad that we are using it on the project.

Domnika Mackiewicz
Project Manager, Major Projects South West, Highways England