Jacobs. A world where you can.

In these fast-changing and increasingly complex times, our purpose at Jacobs – to create a more connected, sustainable world – has never been so important.


We’re taking on unprecedented challenges. Work and projects are increasingly integrated with a broader global reach than ever before. We plan for today in everything we do while looking at how those decisions impact tomorrow.

At Jacobs, there’s no limit to who you can be and what we can achieve. And to make that real, we must each grow and evolve our skills and experiences, take on new endeavors and assignments, and share what we know and experience with others so we’re all able to build on the lessons we’re discovering along the way.

Whether rethinking a simple process or solving one of the toughest challenges, our people are our competitive advantage by advancing our thinking, pushing inventive and trailblazing ideas forward and delivering extraordinary solutions for a better tomorrow.

  • Feed your curiosity

    We each have the responsibility to keep growing and evolving our skills and experiences​.
  • Raise your hand

    In these fast-changing and increasingly complex times, we all must be ready to take on new endeavors and assignments​.
  • Share what you know

    Only by building on one another’s knowledge and experiences will we be able to deliver a better tomorrow, together.

Support for learning and development - e3 Learning

e3 engage. excel. elevate

e3 Learning provides meaningful and timely learning opportunities to keep our people engaged and encouraged to go beyond their day to day. Continuous learning and creating a company of lifelong learners is key to maintaining an agile, change-ready organization. Our employees around the globe have access to this robust platform – supporting both their personal and professional growth.

Spotlight on our learning culture: The Essentials

At Jacobs, we expand the limits for what’s possible today and a constantly changing environment requires each of us to be nimble and adaptable to changes ahead.

To help better equip our team, we’ve developed The Essentials as a foundation for our employees to build on their technical skills for a constantly changing environment. These essential human skills – across three categories, end user focused, open to change and make it visible – will prepare our team with the skills that allow them to: positively disrupt delivery models, provide strategic clarity and offer new ways of working, build adaptability and increase resilience to change. This curated set of 10 essential skills equips our teammates to better explore change, innovate and identify opportunities for growth – both for Jacobs and for their personal career journeys.

  • iStock-897170950
    End User Focused

    active listening


    relationship centric

  • iStock-968289874
    Open to Change





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    Make it Visible

    abundance mentality

    cultivates innovation

    strategic mindset

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