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If/When Jul 17, 2023

Intelligent O&M: Giving Water an IQ

Show Contributors: Dr. Jennifer Baldwin, Joshua Registe, Paul Thies

On this episode of If/When, we explored intelligent O&M with two experts from Jacobs - Digital OneWater Strategic Growth Lead Dr. Jennifer Baldwin and Joshua Registe, data scientist and environmental engineer.

We discussed the concept of “OneWater” and how digital tools enable greater support for water management facilities and professionals, as well as the positive environmental impacts that digitally enabled water operations can achieve.

About our guests

Jennifer Baldwin

In her role as Digital OneWater Strategic Growth Lead for Jacobs, Dr. Jennifer Baldwin is responsible for unifying Jacobs’ portfolio of digital tools that support an integrated and collaborative OneWater approach to water management. Dr. Baldwin also serves as the U.S. South Conveyance and Storage Regional Solutions Lead for Jacobs and is a principal technologist specializing in assembling and leading large program teams and planning and successfully delivering multi-billion-dollar water and wastewater infrastructure programs. She has over 20 years of experience, providing process mechanical expertise and quality assurance/quality control on a variety of infrastructure development projects, specializing in wastewater conveyance facilities such as pump stations and storage facilities.

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Joshua Registe

Joshua Registe is a lead data scientist and professional engineer, recognized for his expertise in environmental engineering and advanced analytics. With a unique blend of skills in both domains, he stands at the forefront of cutting-edge AI solution development for Jacobs Intelligent O&M and external clients, tackling intricate environmental challenges head-on. Joshua's contributions span a wide range of critical areas, including solids treatment, disinfection, coagulant optimization, nutrient removal, energy optimization and more. Employing advanced statistical techniques, predictive modeling, deep learning, and scalable computing, he leverages the power of data to deliver unique and complex solutions. In addition to his role as a lead data scientist and professional engineer, Joshua takes pride in mentoring and guiding aspiring professionals in the field. Through his guidance, he fosters the next generation of environmental engineers and data scientists, ensuring the industry's continuous growth and advancement.

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