National Security

Leveraging Jacobs leading capabilities and deep expertise in cyber, intelligence, defense, analytics, geospatial technology and threat protection.


We’re delivering solutions for public and private sector institutions, systems and programs that serve to create, secure and defend national interests and infrastructure against foreign and domestic threats across multiple domains.  

Our aerospace and defense clients need their personnel, systems and equipment to be safe, functional and top-of-the-line. Jacobs’ deep experience with advanced technology systems and our wide-ranging program support capabilities work together to make us a premier partner to aerospace and defense clients at locations around the world.

We stay ahead of the curve and vigilant to ensure national interests and infrastructure are safely and securely prepared for whatever lies ahead.

  • 70 +

    years of support for the defense sector globally

  • 1.5 K

    data analysts and 300 data scientists focused on data-centric insights

  • 50 %+

    growth in platforms, technologies and software-enabled services across commercial and critical infrastructure markets by 2025

  • 3 K

    trained offensive, defensive and cyber crime technique teammates around the globe

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Secure solutions to protect what matters most

Defense & security


Throughout the 70 years we’ve supported the defense sector, Jacobs has earned a reputation for our commitment to excellence and outstanding achievements in quality, performance and safety.

With a focus on long-term and ongoing client relationships, we offer an extensive range of program support capabilities to defense agencies that include the United States Department of Defense, U.K. Ministry of Defence, and Australian Department of Defence, along with other government agencies, defense contractors and suppliers across the globe.

As the potential threat for national and global security increases, we remain vigilant and ready to provide advanced solutions to the warfighter.

We support the Atomic Weapons Establishment, where highly secure and complex projects are delivered to enhance site capability and maintain the U.K.’s national security deterrent. And we provide a wide variety of services to the U.S. Special Operations Command, Joint Staff, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the Unified Command.

We’ve also provided independent professional services to the Australian Department of Defence for more than 25 years –including platform and system engineering, business and commercial advice, information communications and technology management, program and project management and logistic and supply chain management to the Australian government and telecommunications sector.

Our agility is underpinned by continually evolving our expertise in the field of special operations, intelligence and information technology, where we support operational mission planning and execution, special-mission training, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity, data management, acquisition and logistics management, business operations and financial management.

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Intelligence, technology & cyber solutions

Graphic illustration of cyber security lock.

Our combined cyber & intelligence footprint allows us to become true enablers for delivering the next generation solutions into joint all-domain and critical infrastructure operations for mission-critical clients giving them the information advantage.

Serving a variety of  the U.S. civilian, defense and intelligence agencies we focus on a connected cyber information environment that includes assets such as networks, technology, infrastructure and data. And on the intelligence side, we double-down on all-source intelligence and counter-terrorism.

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Federal & environmental solutions


We live in an undeniably intricate world, vastly different from the 1960s when Jacobs initially started supporting federal clients. Our goals remain the same: we solve the world’s most important problems, leaving it better with each project.

We deploy industry-leading technologies, underscored by an intrinsic culture of safety, to successfully deliver projects, including construction, energy and water, environmental, civil works, transportation and more. Our teams are empowered to tackle challenges with creativity and innovation, supported by deep and broad technical subject matter expertise, and global capabilities and reach. We work with our clients to reduce environmental liabilities, protect human health, and reduce our carbon footprint, while creating sustainable, resilient solutions, compliant with all applicable permits and standards.

Beginning with the end in mind, we leverage seasoned technologists and engineers to collaboratively work with stakeholders to develop unique, cost-effective approaches to carry our clients and their projects into, and through, any presumable future need.

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