Extreme Search

Leveraging artificial intelligence for lower-power consumption, high-speed data processing


Introducing Extreme Search, an integrated collection of powerful AI-based analytics functions engineered for speed and transportability. The suite provides fast, flexible and comprehensive statistical reasoning, predictive analytics and query capabilities in any computing environment.

This makes Extreme Search the ultimate tool to expertly sift through the massive volumes of information we face daily. Large companies face the ever-increasing challenges of exponentially growing data, large and vulnerable enterprise networks and a greater threat of regular cyber-attacks. To complicate matters, the resources and personnel available for IT operations and cybersecurity are normally not enough to cope effectively with these work demands and growing threats. This has had major impacts on finances, projects and reputation in companies and government agencies.

Extreme Search delivers a proven solution where automated tools accelerate incident detection and response, and operators have a comprehensive view of all their IT operations. It processes data as it arrives and makes years of historical data immediately searchable. This allows incidents to be detected, analyzed and solved extremely quickly. Extreme Search may be integrated with existing data analytics tools to enhance the tools’ performance and is a crucial catalyst in elevating the overall cybersecurity at an Enterprise level.

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Key benefits

  • Accelerate performance at any scale

    Server appliances are installed at each site based on the size of that site’s environment. Due to this signature design and architecture, query results have been observed to return on any amount of data in less than 25 minutes. Resources are constantly added to maintain this performance.

  • Offers distributed, multi-site analytics

    Extreme Search offers complete visibility and searchability of all cybersecurity data, network traffic statistics, and log data. Raw data is searchable across sites without indexing or extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). Log data doesn’t have to be copied and aggregated centrally to have enterprise-wide visibility. Data are searched even before ingestion into Splunk. Extreme Search sits alongside Splunk infrastructure as an accelerator – not a new interface. There’s no new software for operators and analysts to learn and the transition to Extreme Search is seamless with zero risk to the enterprise.

  • More affordable to install and maintain

    Extreme Search doesn’t require the large, costly index servers to unlock its performance. Because the Extreme Search solution avoids aggregation and expensive indexing and re-indexing and deploys resources to the sites where logs are created, it’s less expensive overall – even including all the necessary software, deployment services and ongoing operation.

  • Seamless transition

    Integrates easily with existing tools for low-risk implementation and simple user interface, search functionality uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from existing security information and event management (SIEM) tools such as Splunk, leveraging existing enterprise tools and investments to detect, prioritize and respond to threats.

Key features

Faster Analysis & Discovery: 

  • High performance search leverages Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to bypass extract, transform, load (ETL) and tagging, and accelerate event detection.
  • Search ALL the data to improve visibility and answer the hard questions.

Multi-Site for Enterprise-Scale Data:  

  • No other tool allows high-performance search across multiple data locations.  
  • Push computing power to the edge for accelerated sensor processing. 

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): 

  • Comprehensive search and storage solution leverages existing capabilities at a lower cost by filtering data before ingest into a database.

Ready for the Future: 

  • Built to scale with increasing data and network traffic.

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