Software accelerating sensor collection and real-time analytics


Introducing BlackStack, a software-accelerating sensor collection and real-time analytics platform. BlackStack enables faster processing at the edge, providing commercial grade infrastructure solutions, and facilitates quicker and more intuitive advanced searches resulting in to-the-second decision abilities.  

In a world filled with ever-increasing volumes of raw data and cyber threats, governments and businesses alike require innovative and secure software solutions to produce instant insights. The vast majority of current data search and analysis tools are time-consuming and expensive, which can result in delays or missed intelligence for analysts that rely on accurate and timely data to make mission critical decisions.

BlackStack is field-proven in the most mission-critical, high-security applications by U.S. Defense and Intelligence Customers, but its AI-driven analytics can be applied to any commercial digital infrastructure to speed decision-making. From power infrastructure resilience to waterway and wastewater system performance to transportation and connected cities – the possibilities for accelerated data processing and instant insights are endless.

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Key benefits

  • Radically accelerates processing time

    Patented BlackStack algorithms and custom hardware search raw data without the need for traditional indexing. Using heterogeneous computing — a combination of different types of chips to dynamically gain the fastest performance — BlackStack eliminates the ELT indexing steps and returns results faster up to 200 times faster. It reduces processing time from days to minutes or seconds.

  • Produces deeper, more valuable insights

    From tactical sensor data to large enterprise data lakes, it enables faster sifting through vast amounts of data to find meaning, leading to better understanding and more informed decisions.

  • Offers global application in any industry

    The large-scale versatility and ability to be rapidly deployed in a multitude of environments make it a powerful data processing partner.

Key features

  • Bypass extract, transform, load (ETL) and tagging for accelerated edge analytics.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate intelligent search.
  • Discover events faster with high performance search and event detection.
  • Achieve more efficiency searching ALL the data without ETL and indexing.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for rapid analysis of log data files with fewer fees.
  • Be ready for the future with scalable, compliance ready, searchable storage.

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