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Jacobs is a leading developer of software solutions for defense, aerospace, and commercial aviation customers around the globe. As market leaders in the aeronautical and geospatial data, we specialize in solutions for mission planning, navigation, and airdrop planning and execution. Jacobs has deep subject matter expertise in the aeronautical domain and exceptional experience delivering that expertise through software solutions across global military and commercial aviation markets.

The Aviation Suite includes a range of high-precision, mission-focused, and military grade software products enabled by a seamless combination of technical capabilities, software competencies, and domain expertise across the full solution lifecycle. From product design and development through solution test, operational integration, and sustainment, our success is built on self-organizing, scaled agile teams that optimize our processes from development to delivery.

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The differentiators

  • A SAF(e) Model

    A lean, software-centric organizational model designed around the Scaled Agile Framework SAF(e) supports our Agile ethos and DevSecOps practices.

  • DevSecOps

    Mature DevSecOps practices enhance product quality, solution security and development velocity while enabling continuous software delivery.

  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) 2.0 Level III

    CMMI-appraised processes ensure rigor, consistency and best-practice software development.

  • Modular Approach

    A portfolio of custom building-block tools and applications allows a modular approach to integrated software solutions.

The Aviation Suite core product lines:

  • Air Drop Solution

    The Jacobs air drop solution allows U.S. and allied air forces to execute high precision air drop missions that range from troop insertions, to advanced forces logistics support, to critical humanitarian aid. Through incorporation of custom analytical and automation algorithms, our solution delivers a 98% reduction in drop zone size while simultaneously raising the air drop release point by 500% with no loss in accuracy, which keeps ground crews safer and our flight crews out of harms way.

  • Mission Planning

    The Jacobs Mission Planning solution is used by U.S. and allied air forces across the full lifecycle of an aviation mission – from front-end planning through flight mission execution – across multiple mission sets and multiple flight platforms.

  • Navigation Data

    Built to standards only imposed by high-stakes military aviation missions, the Jacobs Navigation Data solution delivers accurate, precise, and trusted aeronautical navigation capabilities for both governmental and commercial customers. By automating the review, cleansing, and packaging of ever-evolving geospatial big data sets, our Navigation Data solution ensures our customers are equipped with the most accurate, up-to-date, and reliable aeronautical navigation capabilities.

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