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Meet Bruce Chalmers

Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.

Bruce Chalmers

Connector, problem solver and leader — Bruce Chalmers has recently celebrated his 30th anniversary at Jacobs during which time he has brought his unique mix of expertise and experience to a wide range of projects across a variety of end markets at Jacobs. 

These include nuclear, defense, transport, buildings, water, energy, climate resilience and environmental, which he is now leading for Jacobs globally. 

This formidable foundation of skills and experience started with his role as a civil engineer in the nuclear and defense sectors, but Bruce’s talents in project and stakeholder management meant his responsibilities grew quickly in scale, variety, location and market. Along the way, Bruce has collected technical skills, refined his natural leadership ability and triumphed in project management, sales and operational leadership responsibilities. 

Bruce gained experience and industry insights in work spanning Nuclear Safety Case Assessments, Design Management of a large retail development in Malaysia and Design & Project Management across a myriad of U.K. highways and flood risk projects. The learnings and project successes here propelled Bruce towards leadership responsibilities in growth and delivery in both the U.K. water and environmental consultancy markets.

“Solving a client’s problem and delighting them in doing so is hugely motivating for me, whether it’s doing something more innovative, safer, or quicker than expected. I also love connecting the capabilities and talent in Jacobs — often from diverse technical and geographic backgrounds — to figure out those solutions.”

Bruce Chalmers

Bruce Chalmers

Jacobs Global Market Director and General Manager of Environmental Solutions

For the last ten years, Bruce has led diverse, cross-sector teams to collaborate and innovate to deliver environmental solutions for our critical infrastructure, advanced manufacturing and energy and power sectors globally. 

Bruce thrives when working on the toughest global challenges, especially those without proven roadmaps or established guidelines. That’s precisely what his teams — and our clients — are facing with the impact of climate change. Bruce is a forward-thinking, inspirational leader who can create talent and technology-driven solutions for the world’s most complex problems. His signature influence as a connector and problem solver unlocks the way forward for his teams and Jacobs.

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    number of Jacobs' end markets he's worked in – transport, water, cities & places, energy & environmental

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    environmental staff currently working under Bruce's leadership

  • 30

    years in the consultancy industry with Jacobs

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    annual revenue of environmental market he leads globally

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What are the biggest leadership lessons you’ve learned so far?

I’ve worked with and for many great leaders at Jacobs and although I can’t replicate someone’s leadership style, I’ve learned something from each of them. Whether you’re in a technical, project, sales or operational role, the ability to work as a team and see other’s perspectives while having your own is vital. As the saying goes: ‘If you want to go fast, go by yourself, but if you want to go far, then go with others.’ I’m a huge advocate of teamwork, as it is much more efficient and innovative and you get to have way more fun along the way. That’s critical for all of us, as we spend most of our lives working, so we need to make it rewarding by celebrating our successes and elevating our colleagues at every opportunity. 

What are the most essential skills to future-proof a career in the environment sector?

Interpersonal skills, agility, a learning mindset and the ability to work with diverse thinkers and across traditional boundaries. Success and growth have always been due to relationships for me: ones with colleagues, external partner organizations and collaborators, and, of course, with clients. No matter what the sector or opportunity is, relationships and teamwork are crucial to success, so if you focus on those and be an easy, efficient person to work with, it will help you make the right changes in your role, objectives or market. With the increase and scale in projects and challenges, teamwork and inclusive leadership are becoming even more crucial as we’re working with much higher numbers of stakeholders and diverse organizations.

One of the most underrated abilities for growth is asking the right questions. I've never pretended to be the smartest person in the room, but I've always believed I ask good questions and learn fast. To ask those questions, you need a sense of what’s going on beyond your job: current affairs, client updates or market news. A sense of curiosity and willingness to do some prep will always serve you well.

Our hybrid working lives mean we must connect in new ways and work hard to learn from and mentor others, even when we aren’t in the same physical space. Teamwork is the golden thread, so employees must understand how they fit into the team, what they can offer, and where they can innovate and upskill.

It’s about awareness, too. The pace of innovation—particularly around data and technology—can be daunting at times, but employees need to be supported and encouraged to be aware of developments in their specialty area. All our jobs will be done differently in the future, so we need to recognize how to learn, unlearn and relearn—and see this as an opportunity rather than a threat.

How would you describe your personal motivation in the work you do?

Solving a client’s problem and delighting them in doing so is hugely motivating for me, whether it’s doing something more innovative, safer, or quicker than expected. I also love connecting the capabilities and talent in Jacobs — often from diverse technical and geographic backgrounds — to figure out those solutions. It’s a fun, super fulfilling puzzle and a team sport in building trust, and it can be transformative in our client relationships. Tackling the world’s biggest challenges isn’t easy — why would it be? — but it drives us forward as an organization and people like me from a motivational perspective.