Beyond the Baseline

How infrastructure can deliver transformative outcomes for people and the planet

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In this latest thought leadership series, Jacobs, in collaboration with the Global Infrastructure Hub, explores how infrastructure projects can leverage the once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver transformative outcomes at scale.

The ongoing climate crisis, growing inequality and more recently the global pandemic, have put into sharp focus the need to “build back better” - immediately. Governments have announced extensive infrastructure-as-a-stimulus packages to drive their economic recovery post-COVID-19. These infrastructure-as-a-stimulus investments are targeting far more than improved service provision and greater productivity and economic growth; they are targeting a range of transformative outcomes for people and the planet. 

Research conducted by the Global Infrastructure Hub found infrastructure stimulus announced by G20 countries is targeting outcomes that fall across six core categories: environmental sustainability, inclusivity, resilience, digital and InfraTech, research and development and economic development. Combined with business-as-usual infrastructure spending, this spending represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver these transformative outcomes at scale.

But delivering on the promise to “build back better” requires a step change in the way we conceptualize and deliver infrastructure projects. In the past, projects may have addressed one or two transformative outcomes. Today, executive sponsors and infrastructure program and project teams must embrace as many, if not all, of these transformative outcomes at every investment opportunity.

In this series of three papers, we explore how infrastructure can deliver transformative outcomes for people and the planet. 

Bryan Harvey Introduction to Beyond the Baseline paper

Introduction to the Beyond the Baseline series from Bryan Harvey, Jacobs

  • Paper 1 - Leading infrastructure teams

    Achieving all the transformative outcomes hinges on whether the collective infrastructure sector leadership can justify solutions capable of meeting all transformative outcomes and inspire infrastructure project teams to challenge themselves to deliver beyond what they have typically done prior.

    Are our current and emerging infrastructure leaders ready and able to lead the charge on achieving each transformative outcome?

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  • Paper 2 - Inspiring infrastructure teams

    To inspire infrastructure program and project teams we need to clearly articulate the level of positive impact they are seeking to achieve for each transformative outcome. This clarity is fundamental to inspiring teams to provide infrastructure that delivers more and lasts longer.

    How can we differentiate transformative outcomes and impacts from what infrastructure has typically delivered?

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  • Paper 3 - Mobilizing & equipping infrastructure teams

    Infrastructure programs and projects are fundamentally transitory activities, involving people and entities who are often working together for the first time. It can take weeks, months or sometimes years for teams to form a shared understanding of the actors, actions and initiatives that drive transformative outcomes. We need to mobilize and equip infrastructure programs and projects to have an immediate focus on transformative outcomes.

    How can we equip program and project teams to quickly and effectively reach a shared appreciation of these transformative outcomes?

    Coming in mid-2023

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Beyond the Baseline Part 1: Leading infrastructure teams to deliver transformative outcomes

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Beyond the Baseline Part 1: Leading infrastructure teams to deliver transformative outcomes

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Introducing our collaboration partner, the Global Infrastructure Hub

Formed by the G20, the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) is a not-for-profit organization that advances the delivery of sustainable, resilient and inclusive infrastructure. The GI Hub collaborates with the public and private sectors to produce data, insights, knowledge tools and programs that inform both policy and infrastructure delivery. These resources help decisionmakers and practitioners take action to create positive impacts through infrastructure.

Released in November 2021, the GI Hub’s Transformative Outcomes Through Infrastructure initiative tracks how the $3.2 trillion in global infrastructure stimulus will be spent across countries and infrastructure sectors and explores the outcomes it aims to achieve.

Marie Lam-Frendo introduction to Beyond the Baseline Paper

Introduction to the Beyond the Baseline series from Marie Lam-Frendo, Global Infrastructure Hub

Meet the authors

  • Bryan Harvey
    Bryan Harvey

    Vice President, Global Program Management

  • Katie Godfrey
    Katie Godfrey

    Principal Consultant, Strategic Consulting

  • Aaron Hudson
    Aaron Hudson

    Asia Pacific Regional Solutions Director - Program & Project Management

  • Andrew Tingay
    Andrew Tingay

    Global Solutions Director - Strategic Consulting