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Meet Aaron Hudson

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Aaron Hudson

Aaron Hudson‘s career path has been full of twists and turns.

After graduating high school, Aaron joined the Australian Defence Force Academy to undertake four years’ full-time training to become an Officer in the Australian Army, while simultaneously completing an undergraduate degree in Ccivil engineering. Although originally joining with intentions of becoming a helicopter pilot, after four years of studying engineering, Aaron instead opted to join the Engineering Corps to lead combat engineering teams in the field!

Since then, he’s worked with clients across defense, rail, water, sustainability, mining, oil & gas, aviation, power, renewables and technology sectors. He has had the opportunity to work all over the world, including the U.K., Europe, U.S., Canada, Middle East, Africa, Asia and across Australia and New Zealand predominantly in project roles, working his way up from project manager to project director then program director.

“I’ve learned that incredible things can happen at the intersection of leadership, psychology, strategy and project delivery, and have taken a major interest in each of these areas at different stages of my career.”

Aaron Hudson

Aaron Hudson

Regional Solutions Director, Program & Project Management, APAC

Aaron has also spent time working as a management consultant, entrepreneur and corporate adventure training leader. He’s kick-started a number of initiatives aimed at educating people on the benefits of project management, including founding a digital start up to help small companies adopt best practice project management practices without the heavy overhead of building their own, and establishing a program to teach local communities in Central America how to use project management approaches to attract and deploy financial support for humanitarian aid projects more effectively.

For the last 10 years or so, his focus has been at the crossroads of strategy, program delivery and transformation; blending innovation and behavioral economics with organizational psychology to lead large scale enterprise-wide business and digital transformation programs.

As Regional Solutions Director, Project & Program Management (Asia & ANZ), Aaron is focused on working with clients to help them recognize and shift to new, more efficient delivery models that unlock greater transformational outcomes for the beneficiaries of their projects.

"In my experience, delivering transformation change requires four key things: establishing and getting buy-in for a clear vision, developing a realistic plan, designing incentives that naturally draw or nudge people toward the desired direction, and applying sound project delivery practices that support steady but deliberate progress," says Aaron. "Whether I’m trying to create a better tomorrow through equality, climate response or simply business efficiency, I spend most of my time working on various aspects of these."

When not at work, you’ll most likely find Aaron exploring the unknown, probably on a motorbike or a wingfoil.

  • 10

    Years served in the Australian Defence Force

  • 27

    Years’ experience as a project and program management professional

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    Big dream to circumnavigate the globe by motorbike.

On being part of #OurJacobs team:

“I’m constantly astounded by the range of things we do. From building railway lines, to designing the next NASA spacesuit, to delivering the Olympics, to building Digital Twins and helping clients transform the way they work. Very few companies have our breadth and depth of talent and incredible people.”

Aaron Hudson

Aaron Hudson

Regional Solutions Director, Program & Project Management, APAC