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Jacobs at COP28

As a purpose-led company, it’s our responsibility to drive positive impact in everything we do.

At Jacobs we see every day as an opportunity to make a positive impact.

The latest United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP28 – is being held in Dubai and will bring together governments, businesses and communities to determine how the world will come together to respond to climate change and adapt to its existing effects.

It’s our responsibility to contribute to positive environmental and social impacts today to enable current and future generations to thrive. We must stay curious, ask difficult questions and take bold action to steward our environment, society and economy, while preparing for a very different future. At Jacobs our sustainable business approach PlanBeyond is anchored in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and focused on integrating sustainability throughout our operations and all our client solutions we deliver worldwide.

We’ll be at COP28, supporting discussions on these complex, interconnected challenges that transcend borders and touch every element of our lives. This is a pivotal moment to share best practice and develop ideas and tangible plans about how globally, we can respond and adapt to the realities of climate challenge affecting us today and going forward.

With hundreds of our employees based in the Middle East, and as a strategic partner to many local organizations, Jacobs views COP28 as a critical opportunity to drive positive impact throughout the region. 

“COP28 is a critical opportunity to take stock, hone our focus and re-double our efforts to drive positive, impactful change. With every year that passes, our opportunity to change the trajectory of humanity’s impact for the better on the planet we all call home becomes more critical and more challenging. The time to engage and act is now.”

Jan Walstrom

Jan Walstrom

Senior Vice President, Office of Global Climate Response & ESG, Jacobs

Jacobs in Dubai

Dubai 2

Jacobs has been operating in the Middle East since the late 1970s when we opened our first office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Since then, our regional footprint has grown, with Dubai and Riyadh becoming the main hubs of our Middle East operations. Over 800 employees are based in the Dubai office working across a diverse portfolio of projects, solving some of the world’s most challenging problems. Jacobs has played a significant role in many of the region’s most iconic projects which have transformed its urban landscape, such as Etihad Rail and Expo 2020 Dubai, where COP28 is being held.

Meet our people

Meet some of our team who will be attending COP28 on behalf of Jacobs:

Jacobs COP28 Program

Learn more about the events and activities Jacobs will be involved in at COP28. We hope to see you there!

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Explore our climate response solutions

Jacobs has an extraordinary opportunity to drive extensive and lasting change. Last year we elevated Climate Response as a growth accelerator within our company strategy – aligning positive societal impact with long-term business growth, and delivering significant value for our clients through sustainable, integrated, end-to-end solutions:

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    Decarbonization is essential for mitigating climate change and preserving our planet’s natural ecosystems and biodiversity. Every organization, government and community faces the challenge of transitioning from fossil fuels to low carbon energy sources. From transportation, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and technology, to many other sectors, we guide our clients through every step of their decarbonization journey. From evaluating renewable energy generation portfolios, storage solutions, decarbonization roadmaps, capital plans or program management support, we use an interdisciplinary approach to design the solutions needed to achieve decarbonization goals.

  • Energy
    Energy Transition

    We’re working with clients around the world to develop strategies and implement projects which integrate an optimal mix of renewable and clean energy sources, grid modernization, energy storage, electric vehicle and battery manufacturing and the energy water nexus. We’re striving to achieve a successful energy transition that reduces emissions, supports reliability and strengthens liveability outcomes for our communities.

  • Resilience
    Adaptation & Resilience

    Keeping business, cities, countries and whole communities safe, resilient and able to adapt to the impacts of climate change today and in the future is one of our core competencies. This includes resilience advisory developing climate informed governance, policy and strategy frameworks, resilient infrastructure planning, design and operations, emergency management planning response and recovery, the integration of climate response solutions into public health and wellbeing policies and programs and creating active, liveable cities and approaches.

  • Looking upwards from the base of trees in a wood
    Regenerative and Nature-Based Solutions

    To halt and reverse the destruction of nature we need designs that seek to have a beneficial and positive impact over time by transforming our relationship with the rest of nature and one another into one that is reciprocal. At Jacobs we have capabilities in both regenerative and nature-based solutions to restore and protect the world’s natural capital, while continuing to support economic and social development.

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