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News Nov 2, 2022

Jacobs Joins Race to Resilience

Jacobs has joined the United Nations-backed Race to Resilience campaign, supporting global climate resilience ambitions.

Race to Resilience graphic

Jacobs has joined Race to Resilience, the UN-backed global campaign to catalyze a step-change in climate resilience ambitions.

Launched in January 2021 at the Climate Adaptation Summit, the campaign aspires to build the resilience of 4 billion people by 2030.

Joining demonstrates our commitment to furthering our resilient solutions. We currently deliver resilience solutions across our global markets, from anticipating the impact of natural hazards and climate change to developing resilient communities and infrastructure.

Adaptation and resilience are a key focus for our Office of Climate Change and ESG. The campaign commits us to monitor our resilience activity, while sharing best practice with other organizations.

Our Senior Vice President, Office of Global Climate Response & ESG Jan Walstrom shares why we’ve joined the campaign:

“When communities and organizations are resilient, they’re ready to withstand, recover quickly, learn and flourish despite the increasing frequency and impacts of natural and human-made hazards, shocks, or disasters. We’re joining the Race to Resilience to reinforce our commitment to work in partnership to create holistic climate response solutions so that all people and the planet that we all call home can best achieve a resilient, equitable and sustainable future.”

Race to Resilience is led by the High-Level Climate Champions for Climate Action. They’re focused on helping the most vulnerable urban, rural and coastal communities build resilience and adapt to the physical impacts of climate change.

Nigel Topping, High Level Champion for Climate Action, COP26 said:

“No matter where you operate or what you do, every business has a critical role to play in the race to build a healthier, safer, more resilient world. We can win the Race to Resilience, if we act now.”

Participating in Race to Resilience follows our commitment to resilience through Resilience First, a global membership body we joined earlier this year. They drive climate resilience within business communities. We’ve worked with them and other organizations to develop the IPCC Summary for Urban Policymakers report, which launched during COP27.

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