Strategic Consulting

A group of thinkers, innovators, problem solvers and visionaries, providing custom strategic solutions that leverage deep domain of knowledge in strategy, business organization and assets.


In today’s market, our clients are challenged with translating data to performance improvement, finding alternate funding mechanisms to deliver better liveability and creating opportunities for the current and future workforce.

We advise on diverse, dynamic and contestable challenges. We initiate and create solutions to realize opportunities from market disruption.

Our solutions transcend the traditional silos of strategy, planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance, to provide a full life-cycle offering. We address global challenges from urbanization, climate change and digital proliferation to security, water scarcity, investment partnerships and the future of work — both today and into tomorrow.

We work to bind clients’ strategies, organization and assets together to reduce risk, improve institutional outcomes and provide a return on investment.

Asset management advisory

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Owners of all types of assets are continually under pressure to operate efficiently and cost effectively. We use strategic asset management to support the mission of an organization on matters ranging from asset management planning and program improvement, to technology solutions and condition assessments, to technical communications.

We help by enabling owners to make cost, risk, and performance decisions to optimize and sustain the performance and value of physical assets throughout their lifecycle.

Business management advisory

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The way we produce, transmit, distribute and use energy is transforming rapidly. Our gas and electricity systems are shifting away from fossil fuels and toward “green” energy. In the future, when we charge our electric vehicles or turn on our lights at home, the power we use is more likely to come from renewable and clean energy sources.

One of the biggest challenges in this transition will be developing energy systems that are not only “clean,” but also reliable and affordable. The sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow, so how can we make sure that renewable energy is always available when and where we need it? And how can we make sure that our drive towards a green future positively impacts economic growth?

Economic advisory

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Our Economics Advisory group assists clients to navigate the relevant investment management framework. Our strategic advice assists with project assurance and the scoping and development of rigorous business cases. We’re uniquely positioned to develop robust and compelling business cases through our ability to construct a convincing narrative that provides the justification for an investment, grounded by leading technical expertise.

Our assessment of ideas and projects stretch beyond traditional economic methods. Through our partnership with global leading social value measurement firm Simetrica we help our clients “be better at doing good” by quantifying their social impact using robust leading practice statistical, econometric and economic methods. Simetrica is a research consultancy specializing in wellbeing analysis, policy evaluation, ethics, non-market valuation and behavioral science.

We're able to engage with the right stakeholders at the right time; facilitating collaborative design workshops that foster innovative responses to complex problems for governments and city shaping projects.

In response to a rapidly growing and mobile population, networks are continually challenged to provide efficient, affordable, and sustainable solutions for the movement of people, goods, and services.

We help organizations define efficient program options, fund their selected programs and identify affordable, sustainable rate and fee programs that customers support. Working closely with our clients, our team provides innovative solutions that yield economic, operational, and environmental benefits when implemented.

Capital, financial and transaction advisory

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In response to the growing financial challenge of replacing and improving major infrastructure, our team plays a key role in working with governments and the private sector to develop alternative financing strategies, including P3 delivery.

We help by developing robust business cases and assessing adequate risk transfer strategies we help our clients secure the necessary private funding needed to deliver innovative multi-billion dollar civil and social infrastructure projects.

Visioning, strategic planning and development

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Cities, governments, companies, and organizations across the globe are continually faced with planning for future change. We specialize in the upfront thinking that provides strategic solutions for future outcomes that help our clients achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

We help by applying a systems-based approach that integrates complex natural and man-made systems to achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability. We provide a framework that examines overlapping, interdependent systems influencing the triple bottom line of a project, organization or community.

Energy, resiliency and sustainability advisory

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Energy markets are currently undergoing a major transition. A continuous growth of renewable energy generation as a result of falling technology costs and greenhouse emission reduction policies, along with the expected ongoing retirements of the old coal fleet and elevated gas prices have driven the energy sector to a critical point. We advise clients and sectors regarding how to manage the transition to ensure a secure, reliable, affordable and low emission energy future.

Resource efficiency and building system reliability have become an imperative amid rising demands and resource scarcity. Whether you have new or aging infrastructure, one building or a campus, our team provides the technical solutions to improve performance, sustainability, and achieve measurable return on investment.

We integrate sustainability from strategy and vision, to planning, design, implementation, and operations, and to sustaining the project or program over time; delivering whole of life benefits. Our work across the value chain in the raw materials, manufacturing, and services sectors gives us valuable expertise and a unique system view to help clients meet their goals by uncovering opportunities for smarter operations.

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    Energy & environment

    Responding to global challenges driven by climate change, urbanization, resource scarcity, digital proliferation and energy security, including the global energy diversification and transition efforts by both public and private sector clients in response to the shift from fossil fuel to clean and renewable energy sources. 

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    It's time to think differently about the future— about how we prepare for and respond to natural, societal and economic risks. Jacobs delivers comprehensive infrastructure, technology and intelligence solutions to help governments, cities and private sector clients survive, recover, adapt and thrive regardless of the chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience.

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    Robust infrastructure establishes the backbone of productive, economically strong communities as assets essential to commerce, trade, public safety and quality of life. When it comes to designing investible infrastructure that addresses the big issues we face in the world—there’s no partner more capable than us.

COVID-19 Response

What we do impacts people, communities and the world – and never more so than now as our world faces unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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