Offshore Wind

Most of the world has only begun to tap into the potential of offshore wind as an abundant energy source. Higher wind speeds, coupled with more consistency, make offshore wind a reliable – and ultimately affordable – source of power.

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American Clean Power finds that roughly 80% of Americans live within 200 miles of the coast. Located near major coastal population centers with significant energy demands, offshore wind is a sustainable power solution that represents a huge opportunity as we plan for a net-zero future.

Jacobs has been leading wind farm projects since the mid-1970s. Our offshore wind power services help our clients meet increasing global demand for clean energy in a cost-effective way.

Our solutions

We provide an extensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions that cover every phase of offshore wind power development – from technical consultancy, engineering design, to infrastructure management services and operations and maintenance:

    • Coastal processes & numerical modelling

      • Hydrodynamic, wave, CFD and sediment transport studies

    • Digital tools

      • 3D visualization

      • Videography

      • Interactive media

    • Environmental and ecological assessment

    • Environmental and regulatory compliance

    • Environmental justice assessment

    • Environmental permitting

    • Grid connection, integration and power system engineering studies

    • Horizontal directional drilling design and planning

    • Metocean and geotechnical data collection and analysis

      • Wind resource assessments
      • Subsurface investigations
    • Offshore & underwater engineering
      • Mooring, foundation and scour protection design and diving services
    • Port and upland facilities planning, design and asset management
    • Project, program and contract management
    • Site selection and routing
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Strategic and master planning
    • Substation design, equipment specification and commissioning
    • Transmission line and high voltage cable design
    • Workforce development and supply chain strategies

Our passion

At Jacobs, we’re challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world’s most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery and cutting-edge manufacturing, turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good. 

Our offshore wind team has global experience deep and broad, in both the public and private sectors. We combine project management, technical, environmental, and strategic consulting skills with a commitment to delivering sustainable solutions. 

Meet our team

  • Patrick King
    Patrick King, Global Director, Ports & Maritime

    Offshore Wind role: Executive sponsor

  • Chris Benson
    Chris Benson, Vice President & Project Manager

    Offshore Wind Role: Co-executive sponsor

  • Carrie Andrews
    Carrie Andrews, Senior Project Manager, Client Account Manager

    Offshore Wind role: Environmental & permitting lead

  • Dan Ingold
    Daniel Ingold, Senior Program Manager, Renewable Power Development

    Offshore Wind Role: Wind energy lead

  • Toyin Ogunfolaju.
    Toyin Ogunfolaju, Infrastructure & Social Economic Inclusion Leader

    Offshore Wind Role: Socioeconomic Inclusion lead

  • Maki Onodera
    Maki Onodera, Project Manager, U.S. North Regional Group LEad

    Offshore Wind role: Design lead

  • Hollie Schmidt
    Hollie Schmidt, Principal, Buildings & Infrastructure

    Offshore Wind role: Planning lead

  • Leticia Solaun
    Leticia Solaun, Public Relations/Communications & Social Impact Assessment Consultant

    Offshore Wind role: Stakeholder engagement lead

  • Joseph Thacker
    Joseph Thacker, Client Solutions Leader

    Offshore Wind role: Environmental & permitting lead

  • Kalaivanan Uthirapathy
    Kalaivanan Uthirapathy, Senior Electrical Engineering Specialist

    Offshore Wind role: Transmission & distribution design lead

  • Michael Wilks
    Michael Wilks, Senior Project Manager

    Offshore Wind role: Planning & site assessment lead

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    Decarbonization is our overarching path to a net zero future and this “race to zero” comprises two complementary pathways. The first pathway is about reducing the carbon footprint produced across every industry – from water and transport, to manufacturing and city precincts. The second is by decarbonizing the gas and electricity systems that power them, which is commonly referred to as “the energy transition.”

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    Energy & Power

    From aging and retiring asset bases in traditional base load power systems, to the increasing penetration of intermittent renewable generation, Jacobs is supporting power utilities and private companies all around the world to find the best solutions to their energy and power challenges.

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    Whether by air, sea, underground or even through mountains, we help our clients move people, goods and freight. Jacobs’ solutions help plan, develop, finance, design, construct, maintain and operate smart transportation infrastructure that connects people and communities around the world.

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