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Reinventing Brighter Futures for Cities

Australian Education City rendering

The 21st century is the century of the city. Today, almost four billion people live in urban areas around the world. One in eight of those urban-dwellers live in mega-cities, which host populations soaring over ten million people.

With this growing urban population comes complex challenges. Across the globe, urban infrastructure is reaching the end of its usable life or is outdated for today’s needs. Technology is quickly changing our economies and reshaping the way we work. Environmental systems are increasingly stressed. Public finance is struggling to keep up with the demand for more beautiful, more sustainable cities. 

These complicated issues require flexible, integrated thinking. Our cities’ long-term success depends on solutions that leverage forward-thinking models, the latest technology and creative public-private partnerships. Working across scales, infrastructure systems and technologies allow us to create cities that function more effectively, are more resilient and sustainable and are more responsive to the needs of the citizens. At Jacobs, we’re working with our clients, our partner network and our global platform of technologists, specialists, engineers, planners and urban designers to deliver innovations and a better life for future generations.


Whether we’re advising on smarter thinking in the planning phase of major infrastructure, thinking creatively about financing solutions and delivery methods or using technology to enable smarter decisions to be taken on investment choices – we’re helping to pave the way for improved quality of life and empowered economic growth in one of the world’s most enduringly successful cities, London


With a growing population and eclectic attractions, Houston’s dynamic offerings make it an out-of-this-world city and destination. With critical resilience, environmental, water and mobility upgrades, reinvented event downtown space and scientific discovery and digital solutions, we’re keeping Space City on the path to progress.


Melbourne is on track to pass Sydney as Australia’s largest city within the next decade, and our team is helping prepare for the future, simulating water infrastructure, increasing capacity on critical roadways and leveraging smart approaches to everything from housing and economic policy to resilience.


From a sparkling new waterway, metro system and an integrated theme park to a financial capital primed to compete with the likes of Tokyo and Wall Street and a smart urban master plan – we’re influencing Dubai’s transformation as a visionary city of the future.

Creating smart, connected cities and places


of the world population projected to live in urban areas by 2050 (United Nations)


people move to cities every week (United Nations)

This is an exciting time for our team at Jacobs. We’re at the intersection of technology, engineering and design helping our clients tackle the biggest challenges facing our cities and communities across the globe. From large scale regeneration and climate change response, to multi-purpose and smart infrastructure, we are delivering integrated and resilient solutions that reinvent the future, reconnect communities and create lasting value.

Monte Wilson
Global Built Environment Market Director

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