Inflection Points episode 12
Podcasts Mar 15, 2022

Crossrail: Tackling the Tough Questions

In this special edition of Inflection Points, CEO of Crossrail Ltd, Mark Wild, joins Jacobs People & Places Solutions Senior Vice President for Europe and Digital Strategies Donald Morrison and Jacobs People & Places Solutions Program Director Russell Pilgrim, to discuss learnings from and benefits of the development of London’s new Elizabeth line.
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Inflection Points Episode 11 Teaser
Podcasts Sep 15, 2020

Balancing Energy Needs and Environmental Concerns via Nuclear Power

In this episode of Inflection Points, our guest Colin Jones of Jacobs North American Nuclear Group discusses the development of nuclear energy in the United States, the clean up of old nuclear contamination sites, the challenges and importance of remediation projects, and the future demand of nuclear energy worldwide.
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Inflection Points Episode 10 Teaser
Podcasts Sep 01, 2020

Aerospace and the Technology to Go Beyond

To provide an inside look at much of the work done to support NASA from robotics to launch control to support of the International Space Station, we were pleased to sit down with Joy Kelly, Vice President and General Manager of the Jacobs Clear Lake Group. For this episode of Inflection Points, Dr. Kelly spoke about the work Jacobs does with NASA as the agency’s #1 solutions provider, as well as her passion for STEM education and the success and challenges of business innovation in large organizations.
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Inflection Points Episode 9 Teaser
Podcasts Aug 18, 2020

Predicting Problems Before They Happen

Dr. Raja Kadiyala, Global Director for Digital Solutions and the Jacobs Connected Enterprise at Jacobs, walks us through how digital twins can be applied to industries and communities, making them safer, increasing efficiency and improving the environment in this discussion as part of our Inflection Points series of podcasts.
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Inflection Points Episode 8 Teaser
Podcasts Aug 04, 2020

Treating the Water Cycle as One Water

Water treatment is a highly sophisticated process, and today’s communities are increasingly leveraging digital tools and taking a holistic view of the complete water cycle. In this Inflection Points discussion, Susan Moisio, Vice President Global Solutions Conveyance and Storage at Jacobs, shares her insights into the approach known as “one water.”
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Inflection Points Episode 7 Teaser
Podcasts Jul 21, 2020

Responding to Potential Cyber Attacks with Advanced Techniques

Cyber criminals do not rest, and neither do those charged with providing for the defense of sensitive client and government information. In our latest episode of Inflection Points, we sat down with John Karabias, Vice President, Growth and Sales Strategy for Jacobs Cyber and Eric Conway, former Technical Director for Cybersecurity Capabilities and Solutions, Jacobs Cyber to learn more about advances in cybersecurity.
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Inflection Points Episode 6 Teaser
Podcasts Jul 07, 2020

Refreshing the World's Water Supply

Becoming innovative in the handling of water and wastewater is increasingly important around the world. We sat down with Peter Nicol, Jacobs Global Water Market Director (retired) in this episode of Inflection Points to learn more about some of the issues and best practices for the proper treatment of this precious life resource.
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Inflection Points Episode 5
Podcasts Jun 23, 2020

Advancing the Facilities of the Life Sciences Industry

Advances in medicine over the past 30 years have extended and improved the quality of life for people around the world. In this episode of Inflection Points, John Noble, Jacobs Vice President and General Manager, Life Sciences talks about the life sciences industry and how integrated project management helps firms get their facilities done on time.
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Inflection Points Episode 4 Teaser
Podcasts Jun 09, 2020

Improving the Connectivity of the Smart City

As we look to the future of urban design, municipal services will be increasingly dependent upon better technological interconnectivity. We spoke with Monte Wilson, Global Market Director, Built Environment & Global Vice President, Jacobs, about the importance of good design and how it takes into account citizens, business, transportation, and a host of other considerations in this episode of Inflection Points.
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Inflection Points Episode 3 Teaser
Podcasts May 26, 2020

Mitigating the Impacts of Floods and Droughts

As the world is experiencing more severe weather events, communities need to make long-term preparations. In this episode of Inflection Points, Bryan Harvey, Jacobs' Vice President and Head of Major Programs and Projects Group, EMEA, talks about how the number and severity of floods and droughts around the world are encouraging new ways of planning to mitigate the impacts.
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Inflection Points Episode 2 Teaser
Podcasts Apr 28, 2020

Managing Built Assets from Concept to Long-term Operations

How can businesses and municipalities use asset management as a strategic part of their operations to control costs, increase efficiencies and mitigate risks? To find out, we asked Nina Wollman, Jacobs Vice President and Global Director for Strategic Consulting and Steve Meininger, Vice President – Global Operations Management and Facilities Services to elaborate in this episode of Inflection Points.
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Inflection Points Episode 1 Teaser
Podcasts Apr 14, 2020

Tackling the Environmental Challenge of PFAS

Per- and polyfluoalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large family of organic compounds with widespread use and persistence in the environment. In this episode of Inflection Points, Jacobs Global Environmental Market Director Jan Walstrom and Jacobs Global Water Market Director (Retired) Peter Nicol discuss the source and nature of PFAS chemicals, why they’re a growing public health concern and treatment and remediation solutions for impacted soil, groundwater and drinking water.
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