Inflection Points Jun 9, 2020

Improving the Connectivity of the Smart City

Show Contributors: Monte Wilson, Stephen Ludwig

Inflection Points Episode 4

As we look to the future of urban design, municipal services will be increasingly dependent upon better technological interconnectivity. We spoke with Monte Wilson, Global Market Director, Built Environment & Global Vice President, Jacobs, about the importance of good design and how it takes into account citizens, business, transportation, and a host of other considerations in this episode of Inflection Points.

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Episode notes

In his current role as Global Market Director for Jacobs’ Built Environment practice, Monte Wilson is responsible for creating, integrating, and expanding the Built Environment strategy for Architecture, Interiors, Building Systems, and Cities and Places. By focusing on an integrated approach across disciplines and project scales, Monte is furthering Jacobs’ commitment to building more innovative and resilient cities. In addition to his role at Jacobs, Monte also serves on the Board of Directors for the Landscape Architecture Foundation, Chair of Governance Committee for the Urban Land Institute and the Board of Directors for L.E.A.D.

Prior to joining Jacobs, Monte helped build and lead a global planning and design practice as Senior Vice President for HOK. He has worked on projects throughout the world, including the United States, Australia, China, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Panama, Israel, North Africa, Canada, and Mexico. More locally, he has also worked on a variety of plans including the Fort McPherson Revitalization Vision Plan, the Buckhead Green Vision Study, the Atlanta Aerotropolis Blueprint, and The Stich Vision Master Plan.