Inflection Points Jul 21, 2020

Responding to Potential Cyber Attacks with Advanced Techniques

Show Contributors: John Karabias, Eric Conway, Stephen Ludwig

Inflection Points Episode 7

Cyber criminals do not rest, and neither do those charged with providing for the defense of sensitive client and government information. In our latest episode of Inflection Points, we sat down with John Karabias, Vice President, Growth and Sales Strategy for Jacobs Cyber and Eric Conway, former Technical Director for Cybersecurity Capabilities and Solutions, Jacobs Cyber to learn more about advances in cybersecurity.

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John Karabias is the Vice President, Growth and Sales Strategy for Jacobs Critical Mission Solutions’ (CMS) Cyber business unit. In his role, John partners with Jacobs’ Cyber leadership team to develop, qualify, and execute the Cyber pipeline. Prior to joining Jacobs, John served in various program and sales leadership roles at organizations such as Engility, SAIC, and RTR Technologies. In these roles, he successfully captured multiple contract awards for U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection programs. John also built sophisticated market ontologies related to client needs aligning core company offerings and early-stage internal research and development capabilities to customer requirements. He is a practitioner of Agile and DevOps and has helped customers transform their organizations through the implementation of tailored Agile and DevOps solutions at scale.

At Jacobs, Eric Conway directed investment, research, and development of advanced cybersecurity solutions for customers in the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Federal Civilian market. He was a lead solutions architect, designing systems and products within the Jacobs Cyber core capabilities of cyber analytics, cyber operations, and cyber readiness. Mr. Conway oversaw Jacobs Cyber solution labs that developed security products that focused on cybersecurity assessment, monitoring, analytics, compliance, and training. He is a Principal Investigator (PI) for Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA) on programs developing next-generation cybersecurity solutions. Prior to Jacobs Mr. Conway spent 20 years as a systems and software engineer in the Intelligence Community, developing cyber capabilities, analytical systems, and enterprise software to support U.S. intelligence and security efforts.