Inflection Points Jun 23, 2020

Advancing the Facilities of the Life Sciences Industry

Show Contributors: John Noble, Stephen Ludwig

Inflection Points Episode 5

Advances in medicine over the past 30 years have extended and improved the quality of life for people around the world. In this episode of Inflection Points, John Noble, Jacobs Vice President and General Manager, Life Sciences talks about the life sciences industry and how integrated project management helps firms get their facilities done on time.

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Episode notes

John Noble is Vice President and General Manager, Life Sciences at Jacobs. As part of the Company’s Life Sciences Business, the largest professional services provider to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, these operations provide planning, engineering, architecture, construction, commissioning, qualification, verification, operations, and maintenance for small, medium, and large scale projects. Prior to serving as Vice President and General Manager, John has held a number of leadership positions within Jacobs, including Vice President of Global Quality, Director of Projects, Project Manager, and Regional Performance Manager. John has experience working in the US, Asia, and Europe. Prior to joining Jacobs in 2001, John worked for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, AMEC, and Foster Wheeler.