Inflection Points Sep 1, 2020

Aerospace and the Technology to Go Beyond

Show Contributors: Dr. Joy Kelly, Stephen Ludwig

Inflection Points Episode 10

To provide an inside look at much of the work done to support NASA from robotics to launch control to support of the International Space Station, we were pleased to sit down with Joy Kelly, Vice President and General Manager of the Jacobs Clear Lake Group. For this episode of Inflection Points, Dr. Kelly spoke about the work Jacobs does with NASA as the agency’s #1 solutions provider, as well as her passion for STEM education and the success and challenges of business innovation in large organizations.

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Episode notes

Joy Kelly is Vice President and General Manager of the Jacobs Clear Lake Group which provides design, development, and testing of spacecraft and associated systems for human spaceflight and astromaterials curation and basic research at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC). Joy also serves on Jacobs Innovation Roundtable, a global council with responsibility to facilitate innovative work cultures throughout the company.

From 2008 – 2019 Dr. Kelly served as Deputy General Manager of the Clear Lake Group. From 2004 to 2008, she served as the ESC Group’s Director of Engineering and Chief Engineer on the contract, supporting the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station programs. Joy was previously Technical Fellow in Guidance, Navigation, and Control on the Technical and Engineering Acquisition Support (TEAS) contract at Eglin AFB. In this role, she served as the senior focal point for guidance, navigation, and control on major development and mission-critical programs. Her work during this tenure redefined critical bank-to-turn autopilot design strategies for future missile systems design and provided advanced robustness analysis approaches for a wide range of weapons systems.