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News Oct 7, 2022

Environment Analyst Ranks Jacobs Top Environmental & Sustainability Consultancy in the World Overall, in the UK

Jacobs has been recognized as the leader in the global and U.K. environmental and sustainability consulting markets, staying true to the company’s purpose of creating a more connected, sustainable world.

UK-based Environment Analyst compiles extensive market assessments on the global environmental and sustainability consulting sector. These assessments cover the performance of key organizations contributing to the development of best practice and expertise in areas such as: sustainability & ESG strategy; environmental risk and due diligence; climate resilience and adaptation; land remediation; water quality and resources management; as well as the enablement of major infrastructure through environmental planning.

In its latest Market Assessment of the Global Environmental & Sustainability Consulting Sector 2021/22 (available to subscribers), the research organization finds that Jacobs leads the sector with a 7.2% share of the market, as part of what Environment Analyst coins the environmental and sustainability consulting ‘Big 4’. The report recognizes Jacobs as one of the companies driving the industry towards the next stage of maturity, having put in place business models with sustainability and ESG at their core. The report also forecasts an unprecedented market growth of 8.6%, which is higher than what was previously observed or forecast for this industry over the last decade.

“As a purpose-led company and a long-standing environmental industry leader, we know we have a pivotal role to play in addressing the climate emergency and shaping solutions for a healthier, safer, more sustainable and resilient future for all.”

Jan Walstrom

Jan Walstrom

Senior Vice President for Office of Global Climate Response & ESG and Enterprise Risk Management

Similarly, in the Market Assessment of the UK Environmental & Sustainability Consulting Sector 2021/22  (available to subscribers), Environment Analyst reported a resurgence in demand for environmental and sustainability consulting services as a result of ESG and net zero imperatives, combined with the post-pandemic recovery. The report recognized Jacobs as the leading provider of these services in the U.K., with a 11% total market share. From an end client perspective, Jacobs also leads in the public sector; infrastructure and development; and regulated industries consultancy. In the solutions areas, Jacobs leads in climate change and energy; circular economy; environmental impact assessment; and ecology and biodiversity consultancy.

Jacobs recently elevated Consultancy & Advisory and Climate Response as two core accelerators within the 2022 to 2024 company strategy – aligning positive societal impact with long-term business growth, and placing significance on the delivery of holistic, integrated, end-to-end solutions for energy transition, decarbonization, adaptation and resilience and natural resource stewardship.

Creating a more connected and sustainable world, Jacobs is supporting the global energy transition with Germany’s SuedLink program, the U.K.’s National Grid and  Hinkley Point C nuclear power station; unlocking the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable transport with London’s new Elizabeth Line, New York’s East Side Access project and Brisbane’s green fleet framework; advancing electric vehicle infrastructure in Nevada and Michigan; securing water resources in California with the Delta Conveyance Program and implementing OneWater solutions in Singapore; reducing flood risk due to coastal storms and sea level rise in San Francisco, New York and Galveston; harnessing nature-based solutions to capture carbon in the U.K. and restoring oyster reefs along the U.S. Gulf Coast with The Nature Conservancy.

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