News Apr 28, 2021

Environment Analyst Ranks Jacobs as the No. 1 Environmental Consultancy in the UK

In its annual U.K. Market Assessment of the Environmental Consulting Sector, Environment Analyst reports on the leading 30 Environmental Consulting practices.

Banner showing Jacobs as No. 1 UK Environmental Consultancy

Environment Analyst is an international corporate membership community for the environmental & sustainability consultancy and advisory industry. As a publishing and business research organization, Environment Analyst tracks performance and opportunities within the environmental services sector and recently released its annual U.K. Market Assessment of the Environmental Consulting Sector Report  on the leading group of 30 Environmental Consulting practices. 

Working every day with our clients to develop more connected and more sustainable solutions, we’re pleased to be ranked No. 1 in the U.K. Environmental Consultancy sector.

Available to subscribers, the report looks at the U.K. Environmental Consulting sector through a detailed assessment of the performance and key statistics for 30 of the largest competitors operating in the space and who collectively account for approximately 74% of the U.K. market.

The report notes that U.K. merger and acquisition activity in the sector fell in 2020, but the largest deal of the year was the completion of Jacobs’ purchase of Wood’s 2,000-strong nuclear business taking Jacobs’ U.K. footprint to 11,000 staff. This includes around 1,400 specialist environmental and water consultants across the U.K.

The report also highlights that climate change and energy services are in demand with services up +17.1% year-on-year, impact assessment up 13.3% and sustainability strategy & ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance) up 5.1%.

“We are passionate about helping clients tackle some of the most complex challenges which impact upon all of us – supporting projects with sustainable outcomes that safeguard the environment, support decarbonization and improve social equity, resiliency and productivity. This ranking, a result of continued investment and commitment in these areas, recognizes our leading position in the environmental consulting sector,” said Jacobs People & Places Solutions Vice President and Head of our U.K. and Europe Water and Environment business Bruce Chalmers.

From climate resilience, clean energy and decarbonization, to nature-based solutions that protect our communities and improve our social and environmental capital, we help shape some of the most significant and complex landmark projects. We are working with clients and programs such as Thames Estuary Asset Management (TEAM 2100) and Tideway who are protecting communities and the environment; Highways England’s Lower Thames Crossing, West Yorkshire Mass Transit, High Speed Two and the Welsh Government who are connecting communities; and Anglian Water and National Grid who are providing essential customer services to us all. We help create the sustainable and resilient cities and communities of the future, supporting programs like the City of Edinburgh Transformation, Teesworks (South Tees Development Corporation) Regeneration Master Plan and Preston’s Transforming Cities Fund, focused on improving life chances, quality of life and places.

In the nuclear sector, Jacobs is the largest supplier of professional and technical services to Radioactive Waste Management Ltd, which is leading the project to build a geological disposal facility for higher-activity radioactive waste. Jacobs is also leading a number of critical projects for the environmental clean-up of the Dounreay site in Caithness, Scotland.

Environmental Business International (EBI) recognized us with six business achievement awards in 2020 for leadership and outstanding performance in Climate Action, Justice & Equality, COVID Response, Hydrogen Economy, Nature-based Design, and Adaptation and Resilience Solutions. The previous year, EBI recognized us with six business achievement awards for leadership and outstanding performance in our corporate, environmental and climate change work in 2019 – the most of any participating company.

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