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Government Solutions

Delivering critical mission solutions for a more connected, sustainable world

At Jacobs, we're challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world's most critical problems, and we thrive on missions that secure the future. Our team of visionaries are turning abstract ideas into realities that make a positive difference for our clients, communities and transform the world for good.

Across our company, across our offices, across the world, we’re continually delivering innovative, mission-focused outcomes through a full spectrum of advanced technologies and solutions to the defense, intelligence, civil, energy and commercial markets.

Critical Mission Solutions

Transforming data
Securing digital environments
Designing intelligent solutions
Engineering critical infrastructure
Exploring new frontiers

Advanced Solutions

Our unparalleled experience with advanced technology systems and our wide-ranging program support capabilities work together to make us a premier partner to aerospace, defense and clients at locations around the world. We also have specialized expertise in designing, building and operating the systems, plants and test facilities clients need to refine their products.

We provide advanced solutions for collecting, processing, exploiting and disseminating geospatial intelligence using imaging systems, radar systems and precision geo-location products. We also develop and implement engineering solutions for some of the world’s most unique and challenging missions through custom packaging and microelectronics; digital forensics products; and tagging, tracking, and locating products.

Contact Tracing: Safety, Security and Privacy

With the emergence of the Covid pandemic and the disruption that has followed, organizations have needed to be agile in how they respond. One way that Jacobs is taking action to the crisis is through the innovative evolution of its ion Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform to serve as a worksite contact tracing application.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Data Analytics: The Zeitgeist of Development

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are dominating today’s business headlines and are ushering in a multitude of strategic changes to a variety of industries. Organizations of all sizes are directing massive resources of time, money and intellectual capital into AI development in a bid to realize market-leading leaps forward in technological capabilities. But where is the zeitgeist that is artificial intelligence development headed? In this episode of If/When we discuss artificial intelligence and data analytics with Stratos Davlos, the newly named chief technology officer for AI firm Innoplexus and Reuben Maher, Global Director and Data Analytics Lead at Jacobs.

Robotics: Creating Humanity's Mirror

With today’s advances in technology, the concept of artificial people has taken enormous steps forward in appearance and ability. Some notable and celebrated creations include Sophia, Hanson robotics’ media sensation who has been featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the cover of Elle magazine, to Valkyrie, NASA’s imposing 6 foot 2 inch tall humanoid who looks like she could star in her own Star Wars spin-off. In this episode of If/When we spoke with Dr. David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics and Drew Watson, JETS Valkyrie Software Lead for Jacobs.

Jacobs ion© Industrial Internet of Things Platform

A comprehensive, multi-protocol wireless application networking system, the Jacobs ion© solution provides an open, integrated, secure and scalable system for data aggregation and viewing. The platform has been operationally deployed for over a decade and enables innovative approaches for data accuracy, data timeliness, and safety — greatly improving information flow and productivity.

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KeyRadar®: Assured Mission Readiness; Improved ISR Intelligence

Jacobs’ proprietary KeyRadar® is a scalable, software-defined synthetic aperture radar that can be configured to address a variety of missions on a multitude of platforms. The radar system combines multiple bands with sophisticated processing and detection/recognition software to find concealed targets in the most challenging operational environments.

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From launch to flight to splash down, we redefine what’s possible. For more than 70 years, our people have provided integrated solutions to help solve the most complex and hazardous challenges of space exploration.

With a global web of resources and more than 5,000 employees supporting multiple NASA centers, other government users and industry partners around the U.S., our team stays steps ahead to provide advanced engineering, research and operations support.

To provide an inside look at much of the work done to support NASA from robotics to launch control to support of the International Space Station, we were pleased to sit down with Joy Kelly, Vice President and General Manager of the Jacobs Clear Lake Group. For this episode of Inflection Points, Dr. Kelly spoke about the work Jacobs does with NASA as the agency’s #1 solutions provider, as well as her passion for STEM education and the success and challenges of business innovation in large organizations.

How Intelligent Asset Management Protects Tomorrow’s Space Technologies Today

When NASA sought to develop reliability-enhancing maintenance strategies for Langley Research Center, they partnered with us for our suite of solutions, including engineering, analytics and condition-based monitoring to prevent system failures, to optimize operations and increase the life of assets at NASA Langley. The 788-acre NASA campus includes 220 critical facilities and 270 total, such as subsonic-to-hypersonic wind tunnels used in aeronautic testing.

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Cyber & Intelligence

For the first time in history, security threats have no borders. We are at the forefront of the most important security issues today. We are inspired to be the best and deliver innovative, mission-focused outcomes that matter to our clients.

Our combined Cyber & Intelligence footprint allows us to become true enablers for delivering and operationalizing the next generation solutions into Joint All Domain operations for mission-critical clients giving them the information advantage.

Jacobs offers the most advanced, integrated approach to cybersecurity which includes offensive cyberspace operations, defensive cyberspace operations and cyber mission training and exercises.

Our business is centered on three key capabilities:

your people, processes, and technologies to withstand adversary advances and remain ready throughout the contested domains.

proactive and reactive mission-tailored operations.

data-centric solutions that create key insights and transform data into actionable intelligence.


Cyber & Intelligence Professionals


Active Projects


Cleared Staff

We support joint all domain operations on land, sea, air, cyber and space and have key missions in Domain Awareness, Space Counterspace operations, collection management, counterintelligence and Human Intelligence, counter proliferation, defensive and offensive cyber operations, knowledge management and dissemination and indications and warnings.

No matter where the threat, Cyber & Intelligence offers a solution for protecting digital assets connections and IP.

Responding to Potential Cyber Attacks with Advanced Techniques

Cyber criminals do not rest, and neither do those charged with providing for the defense of sensitive client and government information. In our latest episode of Inflection Points, we sat down with John Karabias, Vice President, Growth and Sales Strategy for Jacobs Cyber and Eric Conway, Technical Director for Cybersecurity Capabilities and Solutions, Jacobs Cyber to learn more about advances in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity: The Benefits of Organizational Maturity

How well do you really understand the potential exposure to your data? If you’re a large organization, you’re a lucrative target for cyber criminals, as well as at risk for regulatory fines and class action lawsuits. In this episode of If/When we will be discussing cybersecurity with Michael Morgan, Partner in the Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice at McDermott Will & Emery, and Susan Howard, Director of Federal Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) cybersecurity at Jacobs.

TITAN™ Cyberdata Fusion

The TITAN suite of solutions (including Graph Database, Elastic Stack and SOCTRAQ) leverages open-source technology to secure lower implementation costs, better extensibility and a more aggressive feature improvement cycle.

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Industrial Control Systems & SCADA, Middle East

Cyber attacks in the Middle East prompted the initiation of security requirements for all Physical Security Information Systems and Industrial Control Systems for a confidential client.

Identity & Access Management (IdAM)

For an intelligence community client, we engineered and developed a hybrid cloud-based identity and access management capability to safeguard sensitive data stored and transmitted within a private cloud architecture. The end state solution required data-level access controls to ensure sensitive information is only made available through validated permissions.


Our defense clients need their personnel, systems and equipment to be safe, functional and top-of-the-line. Jacobs’ deep experience with advanced technology systems and our wide-ranging program support capabilities work together to make us a premier partner at locations around the world.

Jacobs enables the success of preeminent national security and defense organizations by focusing on the crucial linkages between Information & Intelligence Solutions and effective system lifecycle solutions. Our capabilities include voice and data network design, engineering, operations and maintenance; cybersecurity and insider threat; intelligence analysis; data center design and operations.

Nuclear Energy

As the world strives to deliver a more sustainable, equitable society and protect our natural environment, the shift to cleaner energy requires rapid and far-reaching changes across industries, governments and communities.

As a Tier 1 service provider to the U.S. Department of Energy and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, we deliver safe and innovative solutions at complex nuclear cleanup and production sites. Our services include program management, decommissioning, environmental remediation, waste and nuclear material management, nuclear operations, consulting, and engineering and construction.

Internationally, we have fifty years of experience across the complete nuclear asset lifecycle, from managing existing facilities or closing a legacy asset, to helping build next-generation nuclear systems. Our team also offers an extensive range of capabilities to defense agencies, supporting operational mission planning and execution, acquisition and logistics management, information technology and business operations.

Balancing Energy Needs and Environmental Concerns via Nuclear Power

In this episode of Inflection Points, our guest Colin Jones of Jacobs North American Nuclear Group discusses the development of nuclear energy in the United States, the clean up of old nuclear contamination sites, the challenges and importance of remediation projects, and the future demand of nuclear energy worldwide.