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Worker safety with ion - automated, contactless COVID-19 social distance tracking/tracing with video, wireless integration and zone-based geofencing

ion© is a comprehensive, multi-protocol wireless application networking system which provides an open, integrated, secure and scalable system for data aggregation and viewing.

Jacobs’ vendor agnostic architecture was designed and implemented with the goal of an open Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution. ion© adapts and applies technology that enables our customers to gain efficiencies and savings, through connecting our client’s sites then collecting and displaying data in a unified interface. This provides custom insights to our clients, empowering them to ensure safety and respond quickly. The Jacobs ion© solution has been operationally deployed for over a decade and enables innovative approaches for data accuracy, data timeliness, and safety — greatly improving information flow and productivity.

  • Connect
    • Connect to multiple systems
    • Machine to machine interface
    • Static or dynamic connections
  • Collect
    • Open platform
    • Works with modern sensors & data sources
    • Interfaces with legacy
    • Real time or scheduled collection
  • Availability
    • Qualified Personnel
    • Assets
    • People
    • Systems
  • Response
    • Event triggered notifications
    • Condition based information
    • Emergency notification based on conditions


With the possibility of the spread of COVID-19 in close working situations, having accurate information on person-to-person contact is critical. Knowing the exact personnel with which an infected person has had contact with on a worksite can mean the difference between isolating a few people versus shutting down an entire campus, location or building.

In the wake of the destructive impact of the COVID-19 crisis, ion© provides companies a proven, deployed, automated solution to track mission essential personnel interactions, establish primary and secondary contacts, and generate reports of interactions to better inform health related decision-making processes.

ion© COVID-19 implementation

ion COVID-19 options screen

Jacobs believes application of the ion© solution will result in a productivity and safety related paradigm shift enabling enhanced visibility into personnel interaction related data during this time of elevated COVID-19 related risk. ion© presents uses with a simple, intuitive interface putting all interactions just a single mouse click away.

Contact tracing is accomplished with wearables (badges or wrist bands), relay sensors, and gateways. The wearable sensors transmit information to relay sensors which in turn transmit the data to the gateways. The gateways transmit the data to the cloud for storage, and report generation is enabled through the Jacobs ion© interface using a compliant browser on computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

ion© dashboards

For our current COVID-19 implementations, data is streamed into ion© from the wearables, data is rolled up to allow the users to see different visualizations at different levels. ion© dashboards display data at varying levels; high level roll-ups for summary and quick views. These “higher level” dashboards are shown below and show total number of people on-site, occupancy loads for user-defined areas and total number of primary contacts, by hour.

Dashboard showing occupancy limits

Occupancy limits

Dashboard showing people on site

People on site

Dashboard showing zone limits

Zone limits

Dashboard showing primary contacts by hour

Primary contacts by hour

The real power of ion© is revealed in the lower level dashboards, where ion© computes total contacts by individual, as well as primary and secondary interactions automatically. If a trace of a person’s contacts is required, the system provides the complete list and has historical data available. In the examples below, ion© dashboards display (1) contacts by person and (2) Primary (level 1) interactions [defined as workers that get within 3 meters of each other for over 15 minutes, user configurable] and Secondary (level 2) interactions [defined as workers that get within 3 meters of each other for 10-15 minutes, user configurable].

Dashboard showing contacts by person

Contacts by person

Dashboard showing contact tracing

Contact tracing

ion© has the capability to display geo-referenced maps with custom overlays. Geo-fences are established to outline key areas and wearables interact with sensors to provide a count of employees within the areas. Hovering over the area displays the pertinent information for the room.

Return to work

As companies transition from essential personnel to welcoming workers back into their locations, an ion© COVID-19 specific implementation can easily be expanded to support these efforts.


As companies transition to re-populating their facilities, they face multiple challenges:

  • Existing access control system may not have the ability to communicate with other systems necessary to track building load and people’s locations
  • Health questionnaires response, storage and recall issues
  • Need dedicated staff to take the temperature of every person coming into the facility
  • Dedicated staff taking temperatures and verifing masks are being worn increases contact probability
  • Limited abilities to quickly and cost effectively track personnel within the building
  • Implementing and validating adherence to state/local/corporate maximum occupancy mandates

ion© solutions

Sign-up To Come to Work Option

  • Each day, personnel will sign into ion©, and indicate the day(s) they plan on coming to the office
  • The data is logged, and counts displayed on dashboards
  • Thresholds can be set to prevent people from exceeding desired capacity for the building, if desired

COVID-19 Questionnaire Option

  • Each day, when an employee is coming on-site, they will fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire in the ion© system
  • This questionnaire will be tied to the employee’s login and can help identify any risks of infection
  • The anonymized responses can be rolled up on dashboards

Anti-collision Swing Gate with Temp Device Option

  • Two gates, each approximately 30” wide
  • Supports up to 35 people passing per minute
  • Anti-pinch with high brightness indicators
  • Facial software verifies a mask is present on person
  • Scans person’s facial body temp (+/- 0.3 C accurate)
  • 99.5% accurate in 200 ms
  • If no abnormal temp detected and face mask present, swing gate will open
  • Anonymous data collection, temp data not tied to an employee
  • CONTACTLESS scanning and gate operation
  • Data stays on premise & anonymized data can be rolled up on dashboards

Beyond COVID, ion© capabilities can help companies implement, manage and report on a variety of business-critical areas. Several examples are highlighted below.


  • Efficiency
    • Energy usage, power cycling
    • Condition based monitoring
    • Workforce & work order tracking
    • Form digitization & workflows
  • Security
    • Cyber posture
    • Video & wireless integration
    • Zone-based geofencing
    • Physical access
  • Remote monitoring
    • Long range wireless temperature, pressure, etc. sensor readings
    • Temperature/humidity of data centers or workspaces
    • Municipal infrastructure
    • Weather


  • Safety forms
    • Safe Plan of Action
    • Safety observations
    • Automated workflows & metrics collection
  • Surveillance/Tracking
    • COVID-19 Contactless Social Distance Tracking/Tracing
    • Video & wireless integration
    • Zone-based geofencing
  • Alerting & emergency notification
    • "Not to exceed" limits are reached
    • Real-time alerts (visual) of social distance violations
    • Configurable alerts to supervisors
    • Mustering

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