Assured mission readiness. Improved ISR intelligence.

AgilePod attached to bottom of large aircraft

An example configuration of KeyRadar installed in an AgilePod® 30

KeyRadar® is a scalable, software-defined synthetic aperture radar that can be configured to address a variety of missions on a multitude of platforms.

Assured mission readiness. Improved ISR intelligence.

Multi-Mission Capabilities

The system's flexibility enables you to meet widely varying mission requirements ranging from foliage penetration to long-range maritime domain awareness, or long-range moving target detection, using common hardware and software.

Excellence at work

In operational use with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy, KeyRadar systems have deployed to CENTCOM, INDO-PACOM, NORTHCOM and SOUTHCOM.

The modular system also permits low-cost system upgrades and sustainment. New components are a natural evolution that won’t require system redesign or cause proprietary technology constraints. The flexible architecture significantly reduces lifecycle costs and total cost of ownership.

KeyRadar includes all peripherals required: mission planning software, command and control GUI, calibration and quality assessment tools.

Key benefits

  • All-weather, day/night operation
  • Simultaneous imaging and tracking
  • Long-, medium-, short-range standoff from medium or high altitude
  • Ruggedized for unpressurized operation at 25,000 feet
  • Automated operation and processing
  • Extremely wide field of view
  • Flexible, modular, scalable design framework (choose up to four bands)
  • Rapid technology refresh
  • Fast-mode changes via software updates

One radar, many missions

  • Wide-area surveillance and change detection
  • Vehicle and dismount moving target indication
  • Activity-based intelligence and motion intelligence
  • Automated man-made object detection, land cover/land use maps
  • Foliage penetration
  • Building penetration
  • Ground penetration/Counter IED
  • 3D elevation models, vertical obstruction detection

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