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If/When Apr 21, 2020

AI & Data Analytics: The Zeitgeist of Development

Show Contributors: Stratos Davlos, Reuben Maher, Paul Thies


Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are dominating today’s business headlines and are ushering in a multitude of strategic changes to a variety of industries. Organizations of all sizes are directing massive resources of time, money and intellectual capital into AI development in a bid to realize market-leading leaps forward in technological capabilities. But where is the zeitgeist that is artificial intelligence development headed? We discuss artificial intelligence and data analytics with Stratos Davlos, the chief technology officer for AI firm Innoplexus and Reuben Maher, former Global Director and Data Analytics Lead at Jacobs.

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Episode notes

In this role, Stratos Davlos is charged with developing an Innoplexus Research Lab in Silicon Valley to accelerate its AI development for the firm’s Drug Discovery and Development program. Just prior to this role, Stratos was the vice president of Watson, AI & Engineering at IBM, where he led a team of cognitive technologists to create industrial strength AI Watson products by combining IBM’s extensive research and engineering capabilities. Prior to joining IBM, Stratos was the CTO and Sr. Vice President of Platform Engineering and Data Science at Reliance Jio. His AI-focused career spans many years of executive technology management and development at Apple, Kaidara, eGain, Inference Corporation and National Energy Services.

Reuben Maher brings over 20 years of experience providing visionary, strategic C-level direction to government and commercial clients. He is the former Global Director and Data Analytics Lead for the Jacobs Connected Enterprise digital innovation and transformation team across the Aerospace, Technology, and Nuclear (ATN) line of business. Reuben was also the planning lead for Jacobs' enterprise-wide BlueSpark Predictive Analytics initiative to stand up a global Innovation Hub incorporating leading edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to facilitate rapid idea generation and agile solutioning. He is both an innovator and data strategist, as well as an evangelist for smart data sharing while maintaining strong cybersecurity controls.