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Cigre International Symposium 2023

See you at the Cigre International Symposium 2023

Join us at the CIGRE Symposium

We’re motivated by the limitless applications of clean energy solutions on your projects and in our world –  taking complex grid, resiliency, security and decarbonization goals and solving them in ways that positively impact our communities.

Our transmission and distribution team works collaboratively across multiple geographies and sectors, turning transformational ideas into safe, intelligent solutions to create a cleaner energy future.

Jacobs has been delivering energy and power solutions globally for some of the most iconic storage, reliability, network support, transmission and generation projects.

Our strength is in our knowledge of power systems, grid scale network planning, integrating battery storage and network reliability, and direct experience working for major utilities, market operators and developers. Jacobs global energy and power team totals 900+ engineering and advisory professionals, providing engineering and advisory services to clients with assets spanning a broad spectrum across the industry.


Fun facts

  • 45 %

    Amount emissions need to be reduced by 2030 to reach the Paris Agreement

  • 7.1 TW

    Clean energy capacity needing to be installed by 2030 to meet the Paris Agreement

  • 110

    Combined years of experience of our Jacobs attendees at the Cigre Symposium

  • 1.3 K+

    Number of delegates attending the Cigre International Symposium

Check out our recent insights

Transforming Substation Sustainability: Smart Strategies to Enable our Energy Transition

Transforming Substation Sustainability: Smart Strategies to Enable our Energy Transition

Regulators and governments will likely mandate emission reductions for energy infrastructure assets. Utilities need tools and strategies to implement sustainable solutions for substations to ensure communities have uninterrupted electrical service.

Aligned with our Climate Response accelerator, we’ve curated a suite of sustainable substation solutions that can be used by utilities globally as they build their own ‘Substation Sustainability Toolbox.’

Think beyond how we generate and transmit electricity by checking out our recent insights paper.

Download the paper (15 MB, PDF)

Meet our team attending the Cigre International Symposium 2023

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