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News Feb 19, 2023

Jacobs Appointed Owner’s Engineer on One of the Largest Renewable Energy Projects in Queensland, Australia

Clarke Creek Wind Farm will produce 450MW of renewable energy, enough to power 660,000 homes or about 40% of homes across Queensland, Australia.

Jacobs has been appointed owner’s engineer for Squadron Energy’s Clarke Creek Wind Farm. Jacobs will work alongside Windlab, as Squadron’s Energy’s delivery partner to deliver the project. The project is one of the largest renewable energy projects in Queensland with most approvals in place and construction about to commence. Completed over two phases, the first phase will run until the latter half of 2024.

To give an idea of the scale of the project, the farm will generate the equivalent energy of a medium-sized fossil fuel plant without the harsh environmental impact caused by the burning of coal.

With the decommissioning of a number of fossil fuel plants across Australia, the Clarke Creek Wind Farm is a timely and welcome addition into the Australian power network. It will provide clean energy to hundreds of thousands of households, ease the pinch of household energy prices over time and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"As we deal with the impacts of climate change and develop solutions to reduce carbon emissions, it’s projects such as these delivering clean and reliable energy that are leading the charge in the energy transition," says Jacobs Vice President, Australia and New Zealand Richard Hayers. "Jacobs has been supporting renewable energy projects, globally, for over 50 years and we’re thrilled to be part of a project of this size and scale."

The project also contributes to diversification of the local economy. The first stage of the project will employ 350 people at its peak and once both stages are complete, the precinct will employ 20-25 permanent staff.

We were selected for our role as owner’s engineer due to our comprehensive wind farm experience and ability to deliver services as an integrated team.

Squadron Energy

The Clarke Creek Wind Farm was recently acquired from wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind by Squadron Energy. Squadron Energy is the dedicated energy division of the Tattarang group of companies. Located approximately halfway between Rockhampton and Mackay the Clarke Creek Wind Farm spans three local governments and ten properties. Jacobs’ environmental specialists have been working with all stakeholders to ensure the cultural heritage of the site is maintained.


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Clarke Creek Wind Farm Infographic