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Breakthroughs Nov 18, 2021

Episode I: Water

Breakthroughs Episode 1: Water

Jacobs has partnered with 2030 Breakthroughs (a UN High-Level Climate Champions initiative) on an exciting global video miniseries, Breakthroughs.


In this episode we’ll paint a picture of the water sector to help understand its impact on global emissions, where we are now, and what future challenges we’ll face.

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Breakthroughs water episode

Global water leaders, who are supporting the drive to net zero, share their learnings and projects from around the world in this episode.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP26

Cate Lamb

Water Lead, High Level Climate Champions Team, UNFCCC COP26

Cate Lamb

“The water and wastewater sector currently emits the same amount of greenhouse gases as the entire shipping sector. And this figure is set to more than double by 2040 as demand increases for scarce water supplies. At the same time however, the sector holds the key to changing all of this and has a vital role to play in enabling billions of people around the world to thrive.

To succeed the sector must take urgent, transformational steps to become net zero and resilient as quickly as possible. The time for business-as-usual approaches to water and wastewater management is over.”

Jacobs Global Water Team

Susan Moisio

Global Water Director, Jacobs

Susan Moisio

“We’re optimistic about a decarbonized future as we’re witnessing water and wastewater utilities stepping up as trailblazers to reach net zero emissions. We’ve seen some utilities take big initial steps like switching to more efficient energy sources and capturing their greenhouse gas emissions. We’re also seeing water utilities use digital innovations – like converting to smart water meters to collect better data on water consumption and water conservation initiatives. The Earth’s climate is directly influenced by water. We’re excited about our opportunity to address climate change and the impact our sector can have on the race to zero.“

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Nora Kodis

Global Water Executive Intern, Jacobs

Nora Kods

“The race to zero emissions is one that will take collective effort and innovation, and working with water clients who approach this challenge with a sense of creativity and purpose is inspiring. They are demonstrating what is possible when we reframe the climate crisis and truly connect our communities towards a common goal.”

Adam Hosking

Global Director, Water Resources and Resilience Solutions, Jacobs

Adam Hosking

“Water utilities are embedded in nearly every community around the world. Imagine the impact we could have on some of the world’s biggest challenges including climate resilience and the race to zero, working with the communities we serve, if we continue to think differently and challenge the traditional role of the water sector.”

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Water Organizations

Top view of water treatment tank

VCS Denmark

Ejby Mølle Project


“At VCS, we’re proud to show the way to energy neutrality in the water sector and thereby substantially support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

  • Mads Leth

    Mads Leth

    CEO, VCS Denmark

  • Per Henrik Neilsen

    Per Henrik Neilsen

    Project Director, VCS Denmark

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Digital rendering of water treatment facility


Taus Nexus Project

Dr. Pang Chee Meng

Chief Engineering and Technology Officer, PUB

Dr. Pang Chee Meng

"Having successfully closed the water loop, PUB plans to do the same for the carbon loop. We have mapped out a strategy to use clean energy and to reduce the energy consumption of PUB's water treatment processes, as we do our part in reducing carbon emissions."

Yong Wei Hin

Director of DTSS 2 Department, PUB

Yong Wei Hin

"PUB's Tuas Water Reclamation Plant will significantly enhance PUB’s capabilities in used water treatment and NEWater production, further ensuring a robust and resilient supply of water for Singapore to cope with growing demand and the impact of climate change. As a part of Tuas Nexus, we are creating an innovative and sustainable solution to maximise energy and resource recovery and establish a new international benchmark in the fields of used water treatment and urban waste management."

Arial view of water treatment plant

Yarra Valley Water

Thought leadership surrounding hydrogen production and uses for pure oxygen.

Pat McCafferty

Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water

Pat McCafferty

“We see a compelling future where water utilities can play a key role in producing green hydrogen and leadership in the circular economy.”

Simon Prunster

Energy & Emissions Specialist, Yarra Valley Water

Simon Prunster

“I am proud to work for an organisation that is taking the lead to create a brighter future for our customers, communities and the natural environment. I get immense satisfaction from being able to contribute to innovative environmental projects that will help to reshape our world as we transition to a low emissions economy.”

Ocean waves breaking against shore

Confidential Client

Baltic Sea Project

Julian Sandino

VP, Global Director for Wastewater Solutions, Jacobs

Julian Sandino

“Bold actions are now required to address the critical situations we are facing; solutions are at hand now by leveraging the incredible possibilities that lie within the water-energy nexus.”

David Austin

Natural Treatment Systems Lead, Solutions & Technology, Jacobs

David Austin

“We know deep oxygen injection can revive marine dead zones. The opportunity and challenge are making revival an integral part of the emerging green hydrogen economy.”

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