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Jacobs Webinars

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Water and Wastewater CIO Forum Webinar: April 7, 2020

Raja Kadiyala Jacobs Digital Market Director Raja Kadiyala and a team of experts recently delivered a business continuity webinar in the wake of COVID-19 for the Water and Wastewater Chief Information Officer (CIO) Forum. The CIO Forum, which includes 40 of the larger water utilities in North America, was established to share solutions and best practices to help utilities navigate the digital landscape.
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PFAS Considerations in the Water Sector: May 12, 2020

Peter Nicol Join Peter Nicol, Jacobs Global Vice President, Global Director for Water, for this webinar focused on PFAS considerations in the water sector with a look at the latest information on sampling, analytical methods and best available treatment technologies for removing per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water systems and wastewater applications.
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