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In the kNOW

Jacobs’ “In the kNOW” webinars deliver the latest information on the hottest topics trending in the water sector. Each webinar includes case studies and firsthand experiences with the featured topics presented by the foremost water industry experts. The webinar series was launched to provide a platform to connect with the water sector, share innovations and offer professional development credits.

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Jacobs has partnered with 2030 Breakthroughs (a UN High-Level Climate Champions initiative) on a video series called Breakthroughs. Through this video series we aim to bring projects and solutions to life to encourage global knowledge sharing within sectors and increase the accessibility of engineering solutions to a broad range of stakeholders.

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Trends & Directions

In a world of emerging technology and rapidly changing conditions, threats and opportunities can arise in many different ways. To discuss how those challenges can be addressed, Jacobs has introduced Trends & Directions, a video podcast series featuring subject matter experts exploring topics such as cybersecurity, building safety, infectious disease response and more.  

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Climate Response

Climate change is our generation’s greatest challenge and opportunity. This selection of webinars cover insights from our whole of Jacobs approach, focused on end-to-end solutions in energy transition, decarbonization, adaptation & resilience and natural resource stewardship.

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Consulting & Advisory

As population grows, so does the need for holistic, balanced urban and placemaking solutions around the globe. In these webinars, explore the future of public spaces and the communities in which we live, work and play.

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