Climate Response Sep 3, 2020

Towards a Zero-Carbon Future: Hydrogen Economics & Prospects

Toward a zero-carbon future

Hydrogen is attracting global attention as an essential element of the broader transformation occurring in the energy sector. But hydrogen will need to overcome several hurdles to reach its full potential.

In this webinar, we explore the economics of hydrogen, examining the cost structure of its sustainable supply chain and assessing the potential demand for hydrogen in some end-use applications, ultimately asking what needs to be done to make hydrogen economic.

Our panel members are:

  • Walter Gerardi – Presenter, Jacobs Technical Director for Energy Markets
  • Henry Swisher – Presenter, Jacobs Energy Market Consultant
  • Deepak Sambhi – Moderator, Section Leader for Future Power Solutions
  • Luigi Bonadio – Jacobs Principal Hydrogen Consultant
  • Michelle Freund – Jacobs Senior Economist
  • David Middleton – Jacobs Executive Director Water, APAC
Towards a Zero-Carbon Future: Hydrogen Economics & Prospects