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Meet Marc DeSchamp

Meet Marc DeSchamp

For Marc DeSchamp, it’s about making connections. It’s taking a company such as Jacobs, looking at all the things we do, and realizing we can be more than the sum of our parts. After all, transportation and decarbonization touch a lot of different areas — planning, power and utilities engagement, facilities modernization and redesign, procuring vehicles, sustainability and equity, financing, and program management. And Jacobs has expertise in all those areas.

A program manager and mechanical engineer with 13 years of experience in the transportation industry, Marc’s background in the vehicle and transit spaces led him to opportunities around strategic fleet planning. This ultimately led to a program management role with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to modernize and electrify its network of bus maintenance facilities. From this experience, Marc saw an opportunity for Jacobs to move forward in the green fleet space more broadly. Now he helps clients do just that.

“ I can talk to a supermarket logistics specialist one day, garbage truck fleet operators another day, and then transit folks and utility providers the next day — you realize just how decarbonization is affecting everyone.”

Marc DeSchamp

Marc DeSchamp

Program Manager, Green Fleets

In addition to his client-facing responsibilities, Marc wears two other hats. One is Global Technology Lead for bus transit, in which he supports communication and collaboration among Jacobs staff working on bus projects across the globe. The other is Green Fleets initiative leader, in which he helps develop a solution to decarbonization for transit clients by seamlessly leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our global workforce.

When he isn’t creating innovative solutions to help clients meet their decarbonization goals, Marc loves to play ice hockey (“even though my joints creak now”) and skate with his two young children — he even built an outdoor ice rink this past winter!

  • 13

    years of experience in sustainable transportation

  • 800

    buses purchased

  • 110

    inches of snow shoveled in a single winter (2014-15)

  • 3002

    solo miles driven in three days from San Diego to Boston