Gary Furphy headshot
News Apr 11, 2024

Embracing Unconventional Career Paths: Gary Furphy’s Story

Dubai-based Gary Furphy, director of engineering, shares how his career at Jacobs has taken him around the world, introduced him to thousands of people and created endless opportunities for continuous growth and development.
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time lapse image of stars moving around sky
News Apr 07, 2024

Redefining What’s Possible: A Q&A with Our Next Generation Space Leaders

We connected with ten of our new-generation space and defense leaders to mark the 39th Annual Space Symposium.
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John Hapkiewicz headshot in Q&A banner
News Apr 02, 2024

A View on the Future of Transportation: A Q&A with John Hapkiewicz

John Hapkiewicz wears many hats across the transportation market in New England. Read this Q&A to find out how he’s expanding Jacobs’ transportation capabilities and growing our talented team.
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Q&A with Aldo Ferrufino Jacobs Regional Ports & Maritime Leader
News Mar 26, 2024

A View on the Future of Ports Decarbonization: A Q&A with Aldo Ferrufino

Helping our ports & maritime clients with their decarbonization and modernization journeys, Aldo Ferrufino brings lessons learned from more than 25 years of international experience on multi-million-dollar port and marine infrastructure programs, port operations and technologies. In this Q&A, Aldo talks about the energy transition, explores where ports are headed, and highlights how data solutions will play a role in decarbonization efforts.
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Q&A with Todd Lamond Jacobs Associate Program Manager for Exploration Ground Systems at Kennedy Space Center
News Mar 22, 2024

Reflections on Launching Artemis I: A Q&A with National Space Club Award Winner Todd Lamond

Jacobs’ Associate Program Manager for Exploration Ground Systems at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is being recognized, along with the Artemis I mission team, with the prestigious 2024 Nelson P. Jackson Aerospace Award from the National Space Club. Celebrate Todd’s achievements with us in this new Q&A.
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Q&A with Djoulde Bah Jacobs Senior Electrical Engineer
News Mar 12, 2024

Diversifying Your Career with Jacobs: A Q&A with Djoulde Bah

Jacobs’ Senior Electrical Engineer, Djoulde Bah, talks to us about how attending our New-to-Nuclear Academy kick-started his new career in the nuclear sector.
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Q&A with Jeremy Wyndham Jacobs VP, Transportation Principal
News Mar 05, 2024

A View on the Future of Transportation: A Q&A with Jeremy Wyndham

With more than 30 years of experience in transport planning and delivering multi-modal solutions, Jeremy Wyndham is leading our efforts on a program that’s reconstructing 80 miles of I-35 in Austin, Texas. In this Q&A, Jeremy talks about the transportation challenges facing growing regions today, explores how data and technology are shaping transport solutions, and shares how his team works together with our client to deliver one of the largest, most complicated projects in state history.
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Q&A with Anna James Jacobs Project Manager and Group Lead
News Feb 21, 2024

Maturity Assessments, Preplanning and Introverted Leadership: A Q&A on Unlocking Program Management Success with Anna James

Building the inclusive, futureproof infrastructure of tomorrow requires closer client collaboration, tailored engagement and data-driven planning today. Project Manager and Group Lead Anna James defines the leadership and frameworks needed to succeed. Get to know Anna and her program experience in this Q&A.
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Q&A with Constanze Simmermacher Jacobs Global Principal for Desalination and Membrane Treatment
News Feb 19, 2024

A View on the Future of Desalination: A Q&A with Constanze Simmermacher

Our global principal for desalination and membrane treatment explains how Jacobs is supporting clients with solutions that transform seawater into a climate-resilient water supply.
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Q&A with Munzir Abdulmajid Jacobs Data Scientist
News Feb 12, 2024

A View on the Future of Data Science: A Q&A with Munzir Abdulmajid

Guiding our clients on the digital transformation, Munzir Abdulmajid uses advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to drive data-driven decision making. In this Q&A, Munzir talks about Jacobs’ answer to complex data sharing in today’s age, explores where data science is headed and highlights how Jacobs can help clients navigate new technologies for adoption.
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Q&A with André Agnew Jacobs Data Manager and Engineer
News Feb 04, 2024

Protecting Our Way of Life: A Q&A with André Agnew

In this Q&A, meet André Agnew, an Australian engineer who recently played a key role in the establishment of an important high-frequency radar research center at the University of Adelaide.
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Q&A with Dr. Diana Anderson Jacobs Physician, Healthcare Architect
News Feb 02, 2024

Redefining Healthcare Through Architecture: A Q&A With Dochitect, Dr. Diana Anderson

Architecture and medicine must evolve to solve the global healthcare challenges we face now and in the future. Dochitect, Dr. Diana Anderson, combines the best of both fields to lead the design revolution for Jacobs.
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