Q&A with Asvin Bhudia
News Feb 02, 2023

Digital Technologies and the Future of Geospatial Intelligence: A Q&A with Asvin Bhudia

For this feature, we caught up with our Geospatial Solutions Section Leader for Central, Western and Northern Australia, Asvin Bhudia to understand the impact of emerging digital technologies on the geospatial world, the biggest trends and the future of geospatial industry.
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Q&A with Carl Widrig Jacobs' Lead Systems Engineer
News Jan 26, 2023

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe with the StarBurst Multimessenger Satellite: Q&A with Carl Widrig

Jacobs is helping NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) develop the StarBurst Multimessenger, a $20 million research project to better understand energetic events in the universe and pave the way for future generations of explorers. We connected with one of StarBurst Multimessenger’s Lead Systems Engineers Carl Widrig to discuss how Jacobs’ team of three is helping explore and understand cosmic phenomena.
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Get to know Bob Pragada Bob Pragada Assumes Role of Chief Executive Officer
News Jan 24, 2023

Get to Know Our New CEO: A Q&A with Bob Pragada

Bob Pragada has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Jacobs. In this Q&A, Bob talks about his background, his plans for 2023, and the best advice he’s ever heard. Get to know Bob a bit better in this article.
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Q&A with Lene Bjerregaard Director of Life Sciences Operations for Denmark
News Jan 19, 2023

Leading With Purpose: A Q&A with Director of Life Sciences Operations for Denmark, Lene Bjerregaard

Leveraging expertise built during her 25-year career, Director of Life Sciences Operations for Denmark, Lene Bjerregaard, is driving sustainable growth at our new Danish base.
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Q&A with Wulan Romianingsih
News Jan 16, 2023

Advancing Decarbonization and Clean Energy Goals in Asia: A Q&A with Wulan Romianingsih

For this feature, we caught up with Jacobs’ Environmental Scientist, Wulan Romianingsih, to learn more about how we’re helping solve some of the biggest challenges facing decarbonization efforts in Asia.
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Jeff Dingle
News Jan 16, 2023

Lifting While Climbing: A Q&A with Jeffery Dingle

Growing up in a historically underserved community in Southern California, then spending time in similar communities in south Los Angeles while in college had a profound effect on a young Jeffery Dingle. However, it’s also where he chose to begin a life of “lifting while climbing,” working with young men and women to help them access the same opportunities that he had. Read his story.
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Justin Phillips headshot in banner graphic
News Jan 11, 2023

Optimizing Ports’ Operations to Meet Decarbonization Ambitions: A Q&A with Justin Phillips

For this Q&A, we connected with Justin Phillips, Jacobs’ associate director for Ports and Maritime Advisory. Justin has extensive experience working with ports to improve their performance and transform their business to meet tomorrow’s needs.
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Jake Washington headshot from site
News Jan 10, 2023

A Lifetime of Engineering Excellence: Q&A with Federal Portfolio Director and Retired U.S. Navy Captain Jake Washington

After 28 years in the U.S. Navy Surface Warfare and Civil Engineer Corps communities, Program Manager and retired U.S. Navy Captain Jake Washington sought a second career where he could continue contributing to “a higher calling.” Working alongside his colleagues, Jake has found professionals committed to honor, courage, service, safety and inclusion at his new home with #OurJacobs.
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B2P team standing on the Kibiraro bridge
News Dec 29, 2022

A Bridge to the Future: A Q&A on Connecting Communities in Rwanda

Twelve team members from Jacobs traveled to Kibiraro, Rwanda and helped construct a footbridge so that more than 3,000 community members could go to school, receive medical care, and sell their crops at the market.
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Steph Elwood headshot in Q&A banner
News Dec 28, 2022

Finding Your Passion: A Q&A with Steph Elwood

For this Q&A, we connected with Lead Vessel Engineer Steph Elwood to talk about STEAM careers and interesting hobbies.
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Markos Apostolides headshot in banner graphic
News Dec 21, 2022

Delivering Projects More Efficiently, Effectively: A Q&A with Head of Sector, Transportation & Logistics in the Middle East, Markos Apostolides

Change is the constant in today’s environment. To recognize opportunities amidst the churn and zero in on them with a laser focus requires an exceptional set of skills and experience. Markos Apostolides tell us what it takes to succeed and how Jacobs’ strategy aligns with these principles to facilitate company and individual growth.
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Vibha Suri headshot in Q&A banner
News Dec 19, 2022

Using Creativity, Inclusion to Enhance the Liveability of our Communities: A Q&A with Vibha Suri

Now is an exciting time to be in the Middle East — there’s an abundance of projects and opportunities to be involved in where we can really shape the future of our cities. Vibha Suri, one of our many passionate leaders in this region, shares her journey and what she thinks is key to creating inclusive and sustainable cities that will leave a positive legacy for future generations.
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