Photo of Jacobs Principal Health Architect Jorge Anaya, along with the words Health Infrastructure Q&A with Jorge Anaya, Principal Health Architect
News Sep 29, 2023

It’s Like Resolving a Complex Puzzle: A Q&A with Jorge Anaya

Having recently “crossed the ditch” to lead our growing health team in New Zealand, we caught up with Jacobs Principal Health Architect Jorge Anaya to find out what’s keeping him busy these days in this latest Q&A.
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Q&A with Claudia Beer-Davies Jacobs Enterprise Communications Officer for TEAM2100
News Sep 29, 2023

Transforming Internal Engagement on TEAM2100: A Q&A With Claudia Beer-Davies

Climate change has intensified flood frequency and risk, and our urban areas — including our major cities — are under threat. TEAM2100 is a pioneering flood defense program that harnesses the latest talent and technology in an integrated delivery team, but its success relies on seamless stakeholder engagement and communication. Claudia Beer-Davies shares her insights in driving both.
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Q&A with Mark Hope Jacobs Coaching and Mentoring Lead
News Sep 28, 2023

Mentoring the Next Generation: A Q&A with Mark Hope

After almost 50 years’ experience in engineering, maintenance and project management, Mark Hope is giving back to the next generation of Jacobs managers by sharing his career and life lessons.
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Q&A with John Gullick
News Sep 26, 2023

Why Internal Mobility is Key: A Q&A with John Gullick

Jacobs Senior Project Manager John Gullick has supported several major programs during his time at Jacobs, including the Thames Tideway Tunnel. In this article, he explains how managing people is just as important as managing projects, and that facilitating internal moves for employees is key to retaining the best talent.
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Q&A with Claire Bishop Jacobs TEAM2100 Stakeholder Manager
News Sep 26, 2023

Safeguarding London's Future Through Talent & Teamwork on TEAM2100: A Q&A With Claire Bishop

Pivotal major programs such as TEAM2100 offer the chance to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. However, while this potential is unmatched, so is the scale of the problem. To conquer this, a potent combination of talent, technology and track record is required, along with the highest level of stakeholder collaboration. Claire Bishop shares her insights into raising — and maintaining — this high-level, outcome-led approach.
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Q&A with Marco Meloni Jacobs Systems Engineer
News Sep 20, 2023

Improving the World: A Q&A with Marco Meloni

Systems Engineer Marco Meloni is supporting the Australian Department of Defence as the Chief Engineer of Air Defence Systems (ADS) Branch, where he leads a high-performing engineering team working across a range of critical projects.
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Jacobs interns in yellow PPE vests and white hardhats visit a project site
News Sep 18, 2023

The Jacobs Internship Experience: A Q&A with Our Interns

As our interns make their way back to campus, what better time than now to commemorate our amazing summer together! Our intern champions and mentors recognize that interns learn best when they work on projects and collaborate with team members directly. At Jacobs, interns engage with real-life situations and fully immerse themselves in transformative work.
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Q&A with Shawn Makarsky Solutions Architect & Intelex Community of Excellence (CoE) Lead
News Sep 15, 2023

Meet our Data Solutions Team: A Q&A with Shawn Makarsky

A member of Jacobs’ Environmental, Health, & Safety Information Management (EHS IM) team, Shawn Makarsky serves as the Solutions Architect & Intelex Community of Excellence (CoE) Lead. In his role, he is responsible for focusing on Jacobs’ Intelex practice, one of the enterprise software platforms with which we have a long-standing working partnership, in the form of configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining various applications that we have developed for our clients.
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Q&A with Michele Holland Jacons Portfolio Director National Park Service Program Manager
News Sep 12, 2023

Finding Your Park: Q&A with Portfolio Director and National Park Service Program Manager Michele Holland

Every site within the National Park Service is one-of-kind, and we sat down with Portfolio Director and National Park Service Program Manager Michele Holland to discuss how we can all find our park.
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Q&A with Lawrence Melkowski Jacobs Senior Aviation Planner, Middle East
News Sep 11, 2023

The Growth of Aviation Infrastructure in the Middle East: A Q&A with Lawrence Melkowski

For this feature, we caught up with our Senior Aviation Planner in the Middle East Lawrence Melkowski to discuss the factors that influence planning, designing and developing airport facilities and services in the Middle East and how we can effectively balance economic viability with sustainable, technology-driven and environmentally-responsible practices in aviation.
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Q&A with Xiaohui Wang Jacobs Asia Section Lead, Environmental Planning, Permitting and Environment, Health & Safety Solutions
News Sep 10, 2023

Advancing Environmental Goals: A Q&A with Xiaohui Wang

One of our Section Leads for Environmental Planning, Permitting and Environment, Health and Safety Solutions unpacks how we’re helping solve complex environmental challenges with smart, sustainable solutions.
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Kayla Brown
News Sep 08, 2023

Women in Sustainability: Q&A with Kayla Brown

Kayla Brown grew up in southwest Washington, U.S., immersing herself in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. Today she plays a critical role in providing high-quality water for residents in Vancouver, Washington, and brainstorming innovative sustainable solutions that leave a more sustainable footprint for the city, the wastewater treatment plant and the community.
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