Richard Hilldrup headshot in Q&A banner
News May 26, 2023

Exploring the Rail Industry’s Remarkable Transformation: A Q&A with Richard Hilldrup

We sat down with Jacobs’ Rail Director, Asia Richard Hilldrup, who takes us through his career journey at Jacobs and shares his thoughts on the remarkable transformation of the rail industry, some of the projects he is working on, and what excites him the most about the future of the ever-evolving sector.
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Michael Farlie headshot in banner graphic
News May 26, 2023

Shaping the Future of Transportation in Asia: A Q&A with Michael Farlie

Our director of growth and sales for transport, Asia, unpacks the role of resilient and inclusive transport infrastructure, including rail, in accelerating transformation in the region.
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Rowena Malini Thangaveloo headshot in banner graphic
News May 26, 2023

Revolutionizing Transport: A Q&A with Rowena Malini Thangaveloo

We speak to Jacobs’ Operational Lead for Transport in Asia, Rowena Malini Thangaveloo, as she reflects on her journey at #OurJacobs and sheds light on some of the cutting-edge advancements that have the potential to reshape the future of the industry.
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Jeh Chan headshot in banner graphic
News May 26, 2023

How Transport Planning is Shaping the Future of Mobility: A Q&A with Jeh Chan

Transport planning plays a critical role in shaping the mobility landscape of our cities. With the world becoming increasingly urbanized and the demand for mobility on the rise, it is important that we adopt a strategic and evidence-based approach to transport planning. Regional Market Solutions Lead for Mobility in Asia Jeh Chan shares his insights on this, how we’re helping our clients navigate the complexities involved and his hope for a futuristic mode of transport to become the norm.
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Wesley Wong headshot in Q&A banner
News May 26, 2023

Navigating Mobility, Infrastructure Challenges for Transport in Asia: A Q&A with Wesley Wong

In this interview, we caught up with Jacobs’ Head of Sector for Transport and Infrastructure Asia Wesley Wong on the evolution of the transport sector, emerging trends and technologies that will continue to accelerate the industry's revolution and how we’re helping clients navigate mobility and infrastructure challenges in the region.
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Young Ji Kim headshot in banner graphic
News May 26, 2023

Unlocking Value Through Asset Management: A Q&A with Young Ji Kim

In this interview, Head of Solutions and Advisory Asia at Jacobs Young Ji Kim emphasizes the challenges posed by aging critical infrastructure assets and the importance of adopting a holistic approach for sustainable infrastructure development in Asia.
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Q&A with Julian Small
News May 14, 2023

The Transformation Underway in the Transportation Industry and the Rapid Advancement of Aviation: A Q&A with Julian Small

For this feature, we caught up with our Executive Regional Market Director, Rail, Aviation and Ports for Australia and New Zealand Julian Small to discuss the rapid innovation in the transportation industry, the emerging trends to look out for and the transformation underway in aviation after the last few tumultuous years.
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Q&A with Winnie Chan-Louie Software Engineering Manager at StreetLight, a subsidiary of Jacobs
News May 11, 2023

Meet our Data Solutions Team: A Q&A with Winnie Chan-Louie

She’s a Software Engineering Manager at StreetLight (a subsidiary of Jacobs) and is aligned to Jacobs’ Divergent Solutions operating unit. Meet Winnie Chan-Louie, who leads a team of software engineers located in San Francisco and Vancouver who develop and maintain the StreetLight transportation planning software platform.
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Q&A with Hamid Torfeh Nejad Senior Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer in the Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)
News Apr 30, 2023

What is the Role of Connected & Automated Vehicles in the Future Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) infrastructure? A Q&A with Hamid Torfeh Nejad

For this feature, we caught up with our Senior Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer in the Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) region, Hamid Torfeh Nejad, to understand the efficient role of connected and automated vehicles in the future of ITS infrastructure and the data-driven transformation underway in transportation.
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Q&A with Abhishek Singh Jacobs Director of Technology Convergence
News Apr 26, 2023

Meet our Data Solutions Team: Tapping into Intelligence-Driven Data Solutions with Abhishek Singh

In this Q&A, meet Abhishek Singh, one of our leaders in Australia helping clients use data to obtain greater value from their assets.
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time lapse image of stars moving around sky
News Apr 19, 2023

We Redefine What’s Possible: A Q&A with #OurJacobs New Generation Space Leaders

Our new generation space leaders work on some pretty cool things — like aiding the successful Artemis I mission, helping prepare for Artemis II and verifying vehicular approaches and departures from the International Space Station. Get to know five of them in this Q&A.
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Larry Schimmoller Q&A
News Apr 18, 2023

The Future of Water Reuse: A Q&A with Larry Schimmoller

Larry Schimmoller has spent more than 25 years supporting Jacobs’ clients with water reuse solutions. As more communities adopt water reuse as a resilient drinking water supply solution, read this Q&A for Larry’s perspectives and advice.
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