Joshua Registe headshot
News Jul 11, 2024

Leveraging Data to Improve Engineering Solutions: Joshua Registe’s Story

Senior Data Scientist Joshua Registe shares insight into his role, how he got into the field and what he likes about working at Jacobs.
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Q&A with Alan Sharpe Jacobs Project Manager
News Jul 03, 2024

A View on the Future of Rail & Transit: A Q&A with Alan Sharpe

Global demand for transport is rapidly increasing, with passenger rail and freight activity projected to more than double by 2050. While this growth signifies social and economic progress, it also leads to greater energy demand, increased carbon emissions and atmospheric pollutants. Read about Alan’s solutions to meet mobility needs for an increasingly urbanized world in the following Q&A.
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Q&A with Maryam Hakimian Jacobs Project Manager
News Jun 27, 2024

A View on the Future of Rail & Transit: A Q&A with Maryam Hakimian

Public transportation systems, valued as some of the most equitable and sustainable modes of transportation, connect communities and help stimulate economic development. In this Q&A, Jacobs Project Manager Maryam Hakimian talks about trends in rail & transit today and how unique perspectives help co-create the world to come.
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Dora Chiang Q&A banner
News Jun 06, 2024

A View on the Future of PFAS: A Q&A with Dora Chiang

Our Global Principal for PFAS and Emerging Contaminants explains how Jacobs is developing characterization, treatment and remediation solutions for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) amidst a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.
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Sharon Minchak Q&A banner
News Jun 06, 2024

A View on the Future of Remediation & Regeneration: A Q&A with Sharon Minchak

The work to achieve a cleaner, more resilient, sustainable and healthier society, supply chain and economy never stops — especially when it comes to remediating and regenerating our communities. In this Q&A, Sharon Minchak explores what it means to remediate and regenerate in our dynamic and rapidly changing world.
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Bruce Chalmers Q&A banner
News Jun 06, 2024

A View on the Future of Environmental Solutions: A Q&A With Bruce Chalmers

Solving the most complex environmental challenges worldwide requires a new, innovative formula of nature-based solutions, AI-powered data insights and the best talent. Bruce Chalmers shares how he’s pioneering this global shift by combining all three to work in an ecosystem services model.
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Q&A with Wayne Rezzonico Delivery Team Lead
News Jun 05, 2024

Advancing Hypersonic Satellite Defense: A Q&A with Wayne Rezzonico

Meet Wayne Rezzonico, the Jacobs Missile Defense Group’s recipient of the Quarterly Award for outstanding leadership and contributions to mission-critical projects. Senior leadership recognized Wayne, our Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Ground System Manager, for exemplifying Jacobs values while providing significant and lasting contributions to the MDA mission.
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Robert Mehall Q&A banner
News May 31, 2024

A View on the Future of Architecture for Data Centers: A Q&A with Robert Mehall

As one of our key design principals, Robert Mehall focuses on comprehensive design excellence, business development and project execution. In this Q&A, he shares his take on the latest data center trends as it relates to architectural design, how data and technology are changing how we deliver design and more about his game-changing work in data centers.
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Kaitlin Ma and Ricky Ly
News May 29, 2024

Celebrating Asian-American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at the White House: A Q&A with Kaitlin Ma and Ricky Ly

In honor of Asian-American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a special event was held at the White House to celebrate the contributions of members of the AAPI community – and two of our brilliant teammates were invited to participate!
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Q&A with Keoki Sears Jacobs VP, Global Program Management, Growth & Delivery
News May 23, 2024

Rethinking the Legacy of Global Program Management: A Q&A with Keoki Sears

While our clients may be looking for a program, they’re also trying to solve community challenges. To achieve a long-term solution, program teams need to dream bigger, plan smarter, maximize resiliency and find ways to harness diverse talent and new technology, going beyond to make a difference. Keoki Sears shares his insights from 30 years of multi-billion-dollar program management and leadership.
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Q&A with Aldo Ferrufino Jacobs Regional Ports & Maritime Leader
News May 23, 2024

A View on the Future of Ports Decarbonization: A Q&A with Aldo Ferrufino

Helping our ports & maritime clients with their decarbonization and modernization journeys, Aldo Ferrufino brings lessons learned from more than 25 years of international experience on multi-million-dollar port and marine infrastructure programs, port operations and technologies. In this Q&A, Aldo talks about the energy transition, explores where ports are headed, and highlights how data solutions will play a role in decarbonization efforts.
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Q&A with Rick Robertson Jacobs U.S. Program Director
News May 23, 2024

Reinventing Tomorrow’s Major Programs Through Talent, Diversity and Technology: A Q&A With Rick Robertson

The biggest global challenges require strong leadership, close-knit collaboration and creative application of state-of-the-art technology. This is how it unlocks client, community and country-based value. U.S. Program Director Rick Robertson shares insights he’s learned from a 36-year-long career working on nine large programs across seven countries.
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