From ambition to action: Bridging the gap with sustainability Hollie Janson Schmidt
Podcasts Dec 05, 2023

From Ambition to Action: Bridging the Gap with Sustainability

In a world where climate change and ESG are becoming increasingly popular buzzwords and themes for Big Business, how can we ensure that companies truly "walk the talk" on sustainability by taking actions that deliver tangible, impactful results? On this episode of If/When, this question is tackled by Global Solutions Director of Sustainability, Resilience & Climate Response for the Americas Region at Jacobs, Hollie Schmidt, who shares what she's learned in her career around helping organizations move the needle on sustainability and how to avoid pitfalls in their efforts.
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Supply chains: Linking efficiency with profitability
Podcasts Nov 14, 2023

Supply Chains: Linking Efficiency with Profitability

On this episode of If/When, Jacobs Vice President and Market Strategist of Global Program Management Jilma Jimenez shares her insights on the factors putting pressure on supply chains today and the strategies that organizations can take to minimize their risks, as well as some examples of emerging technology useful in addressing supply chain challenges in the construction industry.
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Green movement: Sustainability in transportation
Podcasts Oct 17, 2023

Green Movement: Sustainability in Transportation

On this episode, Marc DeSchamp, program manager and a leader in the Transportation Decarbonization practice at Jacobs, shared his insights on trends we’re seeing in green transportation, including some of the challenges that municipalities face when deploying a green transportation program, as well as the opportunities and technologies that are helping to make more sustainable and environmentally-friendly public transportation a reality.
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Spaceflight: Let's open up the frontier Dr. Peggy Whitson
Beyond If
Podcasts Aug 23, 2023

Spaceflight: Let's Open Up the Frontier

On this episode of If/When, Dr. Peggy Whitson, Axiom Space’s Director of Human Spaceflight, discusses the future of human spaceflight and the role that privatized, commercial endeavors will play to help us push the frontiers of human space exploration. Before joining Axiom Space, she enjoyed a storied 37-year career as a NASA astronaut and scientist. Among her accomplishments, Dr. Whitson was the first female commander of the ISS and has flown three long-duration missions to the ISS, has conducted 10 spacewalks and has spent more cumulative time in space than any woman in the world. Upon joining Axiom Space, she commanded the Axiom Mission 2 (Ax-2), becoming the first female commander of a commercial spaceflight mission to the ISS.
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ALIEN: Exploring the human element Tom Skerritt Veronica Cartwright
Beyond If
Podcasts Jul 31, 2023

ALIEN: Exploring the Human Element

Forty-five years ago, a crew began working on a film with a modest budget, under the helm of a director making only his second picture and starring a cast of very talented and accomplished actors who were yet largely unknown. The filmmakers themselves acknowledge it was by all accounts a B movie, but by virtue of emotionally compelling performances, a well-crafted story and visuals that were out of this world, they created a stunning experience that literally exploded into a lasting cultural phenomenon. On this episode of If/When, we sat down with two of the legendary cast members of ALIEN – Tom Skerritt, who played the role of Captain Dallas, and Veronica Cartwright, who played the ship’s navigator, Lambert.
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Intelligent O&M: Giving water an IQ Dr. Jennifer Baldwin Joshua Registe
Beyond If
Podcasts Jul 17, 2023

Intelligent O&M: Giving Water an IQ

On this episode of If/When, we explored intelligent O&M with two experts from Jacobs - Digital OneWater Strategic Growth Lead Dr. Jennifer Baldwin and Joshua Registe, data scientist and environmental engineer. We discussed the concept of “OneWater” and how digital tools enable greater support for water management facilities and professionals, as well as the positive environmental impacts that digitally enabled water operations can achieve.
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Generative AI: Intelligence with integrity Todd Marks Darrell Collett
Beyond If
Podcasts Jul 10, 2023

Generative AI: Intelligence with Integrity

On this episode of If/When, we discussed the impact of generative AI, with a focus on the legal, creative and user experience impact of the technology. Our guests for this episode are Todd Marks, founder and CEO of Mindgrub Technologies, a digital experience agency, and Darrell Collett, associate general counsel for Jacobs. In his work at Mindgrub, Todd and his team use AI technology to enhance the digital solutions their agency provides to clients, while at Jacobs, Darrell studies and evaluates the intellectual property implications posed by generative AI.
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Creating imagery: Let's get visual Todd Busch
Beyond If
Podcasts Jun 05, 2023

Creating Imagery: Let's Get Visual

How blockbuster films of today get made is an awe-inspiring mix of collaboration and a constant drive for process and technical innovation. On this episode of If/When, our guest is Todd Busch, first assistant editor at Marvel Studios. Todd’s career as a film editor and visual effects editor has spanned three decades and has seen him assigned to some of the most iconic film franchises in movie history, including films in the Star Wars, Spider-man, Terminator, and Fast and Furious franchises. He recently finished an assignment as the assistant film editor on Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, and he shares with us a behind the scenes look at the incredibly complex mechanism of teams and technology necessary to pull off these marvels of cinematic entertainment.
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Getting there: Data and transportation safety Michael Brown Sean Co
Beyond If
Podcasts May 15, 2023

Getting there: Data and transportation safety

On this episode of If/When we discussed advancements in data science as deployed on behalf of transportation safety. Our guests are Director of Special Projects and Services at StreetLight Sean Co and Michael Brown, data & technology director at Jacobs. They recently collaborated as part of a team that successfully brought to market a transportation data solution for one of the largest metropolitan planning organizations in the U.S. In this episode, they shared insights from that experience, as well as their thoughts on how organizations can integrate data solutions into their workflows, and what they see as the path forward for the future transportation data landscape.
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Intelligent asset management: Now that's smart Graceson Scariah Abhishek Singh
Beyond If
Podcasts May 08, 2023

Intelligent Asset Management: Now That’s Smart

On this episode of If/When, we explore data-driven intelligent asset management with Graceson Scariah, CNS&A Asset Lifecycle Management Lead, Airservices Australia, and Abhishek Singh, Director - Technology Convergence, Jacobs. During the discussion, they shared their thoughts on some of the top benefits that intelligent asset management can provide, as well as methods that organizations should consider when trying to deploy intelligent asset management in their operations.
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Uplift or Downshift? The Ethics of AI Development David Brin
Beyond If
Podcasts Apr 24, 2023

Uplift or Downshift? The Ethics of AI Development

On this episode of If/When we are joined by award-winning author and scientist David Brin to unpack the topic of the ethical development of artificial intelligence. He shared his opinions on the role of built-in laws or codes of ethics, how to potentially incentivize AI behavior, and how reciprocal accountability might be the key to ensuring safe AI development.
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Living Buildings: Data, safety and maintenance
Beyond If
Podcasts Apr 17, 2023

Living Buildings: Data, Safety and Maintenance

In the realm of building management, safety of tenants is of paramount importance. This has led to robust regulatory requirements to ensure that facilities, especially older facilities, are properly maintenanced and that complete digital records of upkeep are accessible. Through the advent of digital technology in this space, it has given rise to the concept of structures as “living buildings”, with building managers now able to track wear and tear with a much greater degree of visibility and even anticipate potential structural problems before they occur. On this episode of If/When we unpacked the topic of data-enabled building management with Leighton Cardwell, Jacobs Sector Growth Director - Cities and Places, Europe and Liza-Jane Sapsford, Technical Director - Digital Products, Jacobs.
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