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If/When Dec 5, 2023

From Ambition to Action: Bridging the Gap with Sustainability

Show Contributors: Hollie Janson Schmidt, Paul Thies

In a world where climate change and ESG are becoming increasingly popular buzzwords and themes for Big Business, how can we ensure that companies truly "walk the talk" on sustainability by taking actions that deliver tangible, impactful results? On this episode of If/When, this question is tackled by Global Solutions Director of Sustainability, Resilience & Climate Response for the Americas Region at Jacobs, Hollie Schmidt, who shares what she's learned in her career around helping organizations move the needle on sustainability and how to avoid pitfalls in their efforts.

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About our guest

Hollie Schmidt

Hollie Janson Schmidt is a Principal and the Global Solutions Director of Sustainability, Resilience & Climate Response for the Americas Region at Jacobs. She provides consulting and advisory services to a wide range of public, private and federal clientele. She is also the Director of the Sustainability, Resilience & Climate Response Business Advisory as a trusted business partner for the company’s internal project delivery and growth as well as external client services.

In her 28 years of practice, Hollie has honed an integrated planning and delivery approach, with a particular focus on large-scale, complex projects. Hollie provides resilient solutions either as a preventative or recovery service for large-scale clients who are experiencing vulnerabilities to natural and man-made shocks and stressors. She addresses ESG and climate response while holistically considering the physical, human and business aspects of the challenge.

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