If/When Apr 22, 2024

Sustainability Careers 101: How Any Role Can Drive Positive Change

Show contributors: Tawny Chritton Keene, Bo Storozuk, Reem Habib, Arthur Jones

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How can we embed sustainability into careers to drive global positive change?

In this insightful conversation, several Jacobs teammates, including Vice President, Global Head Corporate Sustainability Tawny Chritton Keene, Director, Global Corporate Sustainability – Talent and Culture, Bo Storozuk, and Graduate Environmental Consultant Reem Habib, discuss how every role within an organization can contribute to a more sustainable future. Whether you’re an engineer, data analyst, project manager or part of an administrative team, your actions can make a huge difference.

Tune in to find out

  • If/When 1

    How to overcome the rise of eco-anxiety 

  • If/When 2

    Why measuring and reporting on sustainability are now table stakes  

  • If/When 3

    How to align passion with purpose in an individual context 

  • If/When 4

    How to drive innovation and talent attraction through sustainability 

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About our guests

Tawny Keene

Tawny Chritton Keene is a purpose-driven sustainability executive with 16 years’ experience leading international business, government and civil society initiatives. As Global Head of Corporate Sustainability at Jacobs, she leads a dynamic team stewarding sustainability, resilience, climate action, social impact, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting for the business. Guided by our PlanBeyond 2.0 approach, she focuses on strategies to create long-term value and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across Jacobs’ operations and projects in 40+ countries.

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Photo of Bo Storozuk

Bo Storozuk is a learning professional with an insatiable curiosity and a passion for developing people through cultivating meaningful experiences. As the Director of Sustainability - Talent, and Culture, Bo leads the development and implementation of the company’s approach to integrating sustainability at the employee, functional and operational levels. He plays a pivotal role in helping employees understand their impact and how they can contribute positively through their work. His expertise spans various areas, including strategic consulting, facilitation, leadership development, organizational and team effectiveness, innovation enablement, and culture. 

Photo of Reem Habib

Reem Habib is a curious and motivated environmental graduate who draws inspiration from nature and people, and continually aspires to give back to society in every aspect of good possible. Reem has joined Jacobs two years ago in her first full-time position, and is currently engaged with the Jacobs' Middle East environmental services team and leads the role of the Jacobs Middle East STEAM Outreach committee.

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