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Q&A Jun 27, 2023

Meet our Data Solutions Team: A Q&A with Bill Hankins

If you were to pick a descriptor for Bill Hankins, “battle tested” would likely be top of the list. A proud veteran of the U.S. military who saw four combat deployments during his career, Bill is now a deputy program manager for the Identity Intelligence Analytic Solutions Program at Jacobs.

In this role, he helps to lead a robust intelligence analytics program that is nearly half a billion dollars in value and entails the management of nearly 300 people across the U.S. and six other countries.

Besides his real-world combat experience on the ground, Bill is also an accomplished student of strategy and analysis, having received his masters’ degree from the National Intelligence University in Washington D.C. He and his wife Victoria are the proud parents of four daughters, and he hangs his hat on a small homestead in rural Virginia. 

Q&A with Bill Hankins Jacobs Deputy Program Manager

Hi, Bill. Can you tell us how the work you do is helping deliver data solutions for our clients?

Being a part of Jacobs, and particularly our Divergent Solutions unit, has offered me opportunities to develop and field unique solutions to streamline program management practices for an extremely complex program with dynamic customer needs. My focus is on managing the strategic direction and daily financial requirements of a $469 million, 275-person program spanning six countries in the Middle East and Africa and six distinct locations in the U.S. The program provides a full range of analytic support from 24-hours tactical watchlist support to strategic analysis that informs national security policy.

Can you tell us about a project you’ve participated in that you’re especially proud of? 

I support the Department of Defense and U.S. national security, so everything that I continue to do in support of national security brings me great pride after having served 14 years on active duty, particularly when it relates to Iraq and Afghanistan where I spent my time deployed.

Can you share a time when you delivered something for a client that exceeded their expectations?

Recently, after winning a recompete that included the merger of a sister program into one large program, we worked exceedingly hard to integrate our new partners (from the previous sister program who are now subcontractors on the new program) into a welcoming and open dialog, taking opportunities to adopt best practices from each program to maximize the benefit to the client. The client recognized this and provided positive feedback in the first In-Progress Review, noting particularly how well the integration of the other program went.

What do you see as the top benefits that data solutions can provide to clients?

There are three that I would highlight. First is timely and accurate information for decision makers. Next is real-time trend information (we use data analytics from the analyst performance metrics we capture to provide analytic and production performance statistics). Lastly, opportunities to identify challenge areas prior to critical shortcomings (as with the above metrics on performance, we also maintain visibility on the areas where analysts struggle, enabling us to identify and address negative trends before they emerge to the customer).

What is some of the best career advice you’ve ever received?

People come first. No matter what we do, or what line of business we are in, it is about people. Whether on the front lines, behind a counter or computer monitor, or managing a large and geographically distributed program, nothing is possible without people. Take care of them, and they will take care of the client and their leaders.

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