News Sep 22, 2023

Jacobs to Implement Argon Data Solution for Sewer Assessments in Boston

We’re providing the Boston Water and Sewer Commission with an AI-powered solution to manage the inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of wastewater and stormwater pipelines.

Boston sewer cover

Jacobs has been contracted by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) to implement our Argon data solution for the management of wastewater and stormwater network infrastructure in Boston, Massachusetts.

BWSC has used an earlier Jacobs digital tool to support its infrastructure inspection processes since 2013 and this new contract will take that solution a step further. Jacobs will upgrade BWSC’s existing pipeline inspection application to Argon, our Digital OneWater solution that incorporates AI to analyze pipe condition data and enable proactive intervention strategies.

Water and wastewater utilities generate vast collections of data on the condition of their pipeline assets, but often face challenges converting this data into actionable insights that enhance their maintenance and investment decisions and help to prevent damaging leaks and spills.

BWSC’s wastewater and stormwater collection infrastructure includes approximately 710 miles of sanitary sewer, 600 miles of storm drain and 155 miles of combined sewer which it inspects using CCTV, system evaluations, surveys and routine maintenance activities.

By leveraging an AI model that analyzes pipe defects, attributes and locations to identify assets that are most likely to fail, the Argon solution will help BWSC create data-driven pipeline re-inspection, maintenance and replacement plans. Argon calculates robust asset condition and risk scores to help with prioritization and incorporates work order history to recommend and schedule future work orders. The tool also estimates immediate and lifecycle costs of repair, replacement and rehabilitation and identifies the best course for corrective action.

Jacobs will provide BWSC with technical support services for the Argon upgrade and three years of subsequent product support. We’ll assist with configuration, staff training and integrating Argon with Boston’s existing GIS, work scheduling and data visualization software.

“We’ve been supporting BWSC’s pipeline inspection processes since 2013 and we look forward to providing additional benefits with this upgraded AI solution,” says Jacobs Digital OneWater Strategic Growth Lead Jennifer Baldwin. “Argon is a state-of-art sewer and storm infrastructure management system that helps our clients stay on top of their assets and, like our other Digital OneWater solutions, turns big data into real outcomes."

Argon is a customizable solution that has been used for over a decade on almost 100 projects and installed on utilities’ networks across the U.S. Formerly known as SCREAM, Argon has been refined with engineering logic and AI over the years and has been ground-truthed to provide accurate condition and risk scores for pipe prioritization. Utilities can use Argon for a snapshot of their system, or it can be installed to generate weekly work assignments. Learn more about Argon here.

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