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Meet Susy Torriente

Susy Torriente

Without her impeccable organizational skills and ability to think ahead, some of Jacobs' crucial projects would simply fall through. 

As Global Principal for City Resilience, Susanne Torriente (Susy) provides strategic support across our business, breaking down complex issues into manageable solutions and fostering collaboration across our global team.

She leverages Jacobs’ broad base resilience skills to deliver integrated solutions to city, industrial, corporate and institutional clients, and taps into her background in organizational strategic planning to offer a wider lens to plan for tomorrow.

“I’m not a scientist or an engineer – my strength is in putting people together, listening and learning and trying to help them achieve their goals. I can take complex problems, break them down, and put the right people together in a room to solve them. Being collaborative and working beyond one department is just very natural to me.”

Susy Torriente

Susy Torriente

Jacobs Global Principal for City Resilience

Susy's passion for sustainability, climate adaptation and resilience has been nurtured through her more than 30 years of local government experience in Florida. She has pioneered several firsts - first sustainability director for Miami-Dade County, where she developed the county’s first sustainability and climate action plan (GreenPrint) and first chief resilience officer (CRO) for the City of Miami Beach.

She was a founding member of the Southeast Florida Climate Change Compact, the first climate change regional collaborative created to plan for climate adaptation and mitigation across municipal boundaries. 

Susy believes resilience is never housed within a single department but, rather, something that informs all departments. It is not a stovepipe, it is horizontal to every stovepipe and that approach improves overall governance. She’s particularly proud of being part of 100 Resilient Cities and through that opportunity, bringing those resources to the City of Miami Beach. Those resources allowed them to update a strategic plan that had been dormant for four years and update it through the lens of resilience.

Resilient cities are now her focus, as she blends her local government experience and sustainability knowledge into the mix. In partnership with our subject matter experts, she can work with you to incorporate resilience solutions into your plans and policies.

Susy holds a bachelor of arts in english and a master of public administration from the University of Miami and has shared her experiences at hundreds of climate, sustainability and resilience conferences around the world over the past more than 11 years.

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